Alberta Health Care

Optometry services could aid Calgary residents of all age ranges. Since a walk-in clinic or an emergency room could lead to waiting for a very long stretch of time, you can easily choose to rely on your optometrist to deal with any eye-related emergencies or issues.

The Alberta Health Care service covers different areas for patients of different age groups.

Medically Necessary Plan for Adults (for ages 19 through 64)

How to distinguish between a normal and a medically necessary visit to the optometrist?
A medically necessary visit will cover the following:

  • Having foreign particles in your eye(s)
  • Observing for any glaucoma problems or diabetes
  • Injuries or infections in the eye
  • Random, abrupt changes in the person’s vision
  • Any defects, diseases or even retinal detachment
  • Irritation of the eye(s)
  • Pre- and post-operative attention for any cataract patient

The Alberta Health Care does not cover any annual eye check-up for the likes of updating glasses and changing prescriptions, since these cases are not considered medically necessary.

Senior Citizens (aged 64 and above) and Children (up to 18 years old)

These two age groups automatically get covered for one regular, annual eye check-up, along with receiving an updated prescription. Any additional tests or procedures will be determined based on the patient’s medical needs.