Digital Screen Use and Eye Health


Modern life is highly digitized. Many people spend countless hours looking at a digital screen for work, school, social time and leisure activities. There are numerous types of mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. This is the world we live in, computers provide our livelihood, the main source of communication and information.

Symptoms of Computer-Related Eye Issues

There ae undeniable benefits to this amazing technology, but all of this digital screen exposure also poses health risks. The biggest problems are eye health concerns that result from too much screen time. Eye strain, dry eyes and irritation, and eye muscle strain are common complaints along with neck and back pain.

Dry eye often develops because users tend to blink less frequently when viewing a digital screen. Natural eye lubrication decreases when the blink rate declines. This irritating condition is magnified in users who reside in dry, windy climates. Dry eyes can contribute to more advanced eye strain with blurry or cloudy vision.

Protect Your Eye Health and Prevent Vision Problems

One way to combat computer eye strain is to uphold the 20-20-20 rule. This basically means, step away for at least 20 seconds for every 20 minutes you look at a digital screen, and view something else 20 feet away. Taking even longer breaks during an extended period in front of a computer screen is highly recommended.

Another good way to reduce the frequency of computer-related vision problems is to reduce the glare in your surroundings. Adjust your computer screen and reduce glare by closing window blinds. If overhead lights are too bright and cause excessive glare, use a turn them off or dim the light if possible.

If you are often squinting to get a clearer view of your screen, you may need to change the setting on your computer. Increase the font size for text and for your browser settings.  Contrast and brightness can also be controlled for easier viewing.

Regular Routine Eye Exams at Calgary Eye Clinics

Protect your eye health and prevent vision problems resulting from computer overuse by seeking treatment when symptoms first begin, and by getting regular eye exams. Your Calgary optometrist will assess the condition of your eyes and offer effective solutions on how to avoid computer overuse eye issues.