How to Properly Care for Contact Lenses


When it comes to correcting vision problems, contact lenses are an extremely popular option. For many patients, the idea of wearing glasses isn’t an exciting one. It is extremely important, however, to make sure you properly care for your contact lenses and eyes if you do decide contacts are the right option for correcting your vision.

Caring for Contact Lenses

  • Prior to handling contact lenses, always make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands with both soap and water. Make sure you also rinse them properly and dry them using a lint-free fabric.
  • Avoid contact with water (including the shower, bathtub, pool, hot tub and even ocean).
  • Never store your contacts in anything except approved contact lens solution.
  • Never put your contact lenses in your mouth, saliva is not sterile and should never come into contact with your contacts or eyes.
  • Saline solution and rewetting drops should never be used as a disinfectant.
  • Only wear your contacts for the duration intended (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Rinse your contact case using fresh solution, not water.
  • Replace your contact lens case every three months.
  • Never use a damaged or dirty contact lens case.
  • Always remove your contact lenses prior to going to sleep.
  • Never share your contact lenses with anyone.

Caring for Contact Solution

  • Always keep contact solution bottle closed when not in use.
  • Never re-use contact solution.
  • Use new contact solution in your contact lens case daily.
  • Do not allow the tip of your contact solution bottle to touch anything.
  • Do not transfer the contact solution into other containers as it will no longer be sterile.

Caring for Your Eyes

Although it is highly important to take proper care of your contact lenses, it is even more important to take good care of your eyes when wearing contacts.

  • Immediately remove contacts if you notice signs of redness, irritation, discomfort or inflammation.
  • Never wear contacts to bed.
  • Visit your eye doctor regularly for updated prescriptions.
  • Avoid wearing costume contacts.