Taking Care of Your Eyeglasses


The cost of prescription glasses can add up, being as high as $1,000 depending on your prescription, the lens’ material and its quality, the brand of frames you choose, or any additional features you may need with your glasses, like UV ray filters or polarization to reduce glare. Because glasses can be an important investment, it’s important that you take proper care of them to ensure that they last for a long time. Here are some tips to taking care of your eyeglasses:

Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

What many glasses-wearers don’t realize is that you can clean your glasses with soap. To keep the lens clear of debris and smudges, make sure you clean them regularly with warm water and just a drop of dish detergent. Afterward, dry the lens with a clean, soft cotton cloth, like microfiber or a standard handkerchief. A glasses lens cleaner also works as a suitable substitute for soap and water.

Wiping Your Glasses Lens

Avoid wiping your lenses with a cloth before cleaning them if they’re dry; the debris or dust that may be existing on the surface can scratch the lens. In addition, do not wipe your lenses with rough materials such as power towels or napkins, because they can also cause unnecessary scratches.

Storing Your Eyeglasses

When you are storing your eyeglasses, make sure you keep them in a hard-shell case that has the proper fit for them. If your eyeglasses case is not the right size, don’t try to force your glasses to fit or simply leave your glasses outside of the case, unprotected in a bag or purse instead. Investing in the right-sized case for your glasses is worth it if it means protecting them from becoming damaged or scratched. If you’re taking your glasses off, remove them with both hands so that the frames do not become misaligned, and make sure you set them down with their lenses facing up to prevent scratching.

By following these simple tips for caring for your eyeglasses, you’ll find that your glasses will be able to last you for as long as you need them!