Tips for Making Eyeglasses Last Longer


Eyeglasses may have become more affordable in recent years, but losing them is as much of an inconvenience as it always has been. Because they are such an integral part of so many people’s daily lives, there’s no room for damaging or misplacing them. Fortunately, there are habits that you can adopt to minimize the chances of losing or breaking them.

Find a “home” for them.

Whether at home or at work, if you have a permanent place in which to keep your glasses when you’re not wearing them – and actually keep to it – there’s little chance of needing to look everywhere for them.

Try to always store them in a protective case.

Pretty much every pair of glasses now comes in some kind of protective case, whether soft or hard. If you’ve been wearing glasses for some time, you probably have a small collection of them. So, it should be a simple task to place them in a case when they’re not being worn. This helps to keep them clean and dust-free and protect them from getting scratches. If you don’t have a protective case, they’re fairly easy to find at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

Keep track of them.

If you have a habit of taking off your glasses in public places, such as at the movies or when eating out, come up with a way to keep track of them better. Keep them on a string around your neck or make a habit of always putting them away as soon as you take them off. This will reduce the chances that you’ll leave them behind once you’re ready to head home. Keeping them on a string can also be useful if you swim with your glasses.

Clean regularly.

Keeping your glasses clean is an important part is keeping them functional. It’s a good habit to clean them at the end of the day after they’ve had a whole day to accumulate dust particles. Glasses can easily be cleaned by being rinsed with water or gently wiped with a fiber cloth or other soft fabric.

Adopting just a few simple habits can save you a lot of money in the long run in repeatedly buying new glasses.