Treatments for Dry Eyes


Do your eyes often feel itchy, dry and irritated? You may suffer from an extremely common condition called dry eyes. This condition occurs when a patient’s eyes are not capable of producing the right amount of lubricant, resulting in inflammation, redness and discomfort. Luckily for patients that suffer from dry eyes, Blink Eyewear provides numerous treatments that can be effective in treating and managing chronic dry eye. Some of the treatments for dry eyes include:

Steroid Eye Drops

If you experience inflammation, burning or irritation of the eye, we may recommend short-term steroid eye drop use. These eye drops can help ease the discomfort, inflammation and discoloration of the eye. Often times we recommend steroid eye drops by used alongside Restasis.


Restasis is more than a typical eyedrop, while lubricating the eye, Restasis also contains ingredients to lessen inflammation and discoloration while producing natural tears. These natural tears can have a long lasting beneficial effect on inflammation and discomfort.


Lacrisert is a lubricant that is placed where your eyelid meets your eyeball. It is a lubricating agent that begins as a solid and liquefies after placement. This treatment provides all-day relief and only needs to be applied once a day.

Punctal Plug

A punctal plug is a small plug that is placed into your tear ducts, making tears unable to drain from your eyes. This can increase the duration of time natural eye lubricant stays in your eye, directly decreasing symptoms and discomfort of dye eye.

If you or a loved one suffers from dry, inflamed, irritated eyes, contact Blink Eyewear today! You don’t have to live with irritated eyes every day of your life, with our multiple dry eye treatments we have a solution for you. We are always accepting new patients, just give our office a call and ask to schedule a dry eye evaluation.