Types of Eye Exams

Types of Eye Exams

At Blink Eyewear in Calgary, we are dedicated to making sure our community has healthy, functional eyes and can see well. For this reason, our Calgary vision clinic offers a variety of eye exams that can be helpful in diagnosing and treating various eye conditions. Some of these exams include:

  • Visual Acuity Testing – This type of eye exam allows your Optometrist to check how well you see at both near and far distances. For children that cannot read, a special test may be used.

  • Visual Field Test – This type of eye exam is to measure your side vision. You will be directed to stare at an object in front of you and note whenever you see an object moving in your peripheral vision. This allows your Optometrist to check for damage to vision due to stroke, glaucoma or other conditions.

  • Dilated Pupillary Exam – For this eye exam your Optometrist will use specialized drops to expand the pupil of your eye. This allows them to check for any signs of disease in your retina.

  • Refraction – This eye exam is how your optometrist gets your eyeglass or contact prescription. You will look through a tool called a phoropter at a chart; your eye doctor will then move lenses of varying strengths in front of your eyes. Depending upon which looks more clear and less blurry, your Optometrist can determine your prescription. This test can also help look for astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

  • Slit-Lamp Exam – During this exam, your Optometrist will use a microscope and shine light shaped like a slit on to your eye. Your pupils may also be dilated during this exam. This test can be helpful for diagnosing dry eye, corneal injuries, detached retina, cataracts, glaucoma and more.

  • Non-Contact Tonometry – During this exam, your Optometrist will use a tonometer which blows a tiny puff of air onto your eye. This allows us to check your eye pressure and potentially diagnose glaucoma.

  • Corneal Topography – This eye exam involves using a computerized test to check the curve of your cornea and can detect astigmatism and damage to your eyes.

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