Vision Screening vs. Comprehensive Eye Exams


A comprehensive eye exam and a vision screening may seem like interchangeable terms, but professional optometrists in Calgary know different. Each eye test serves a separate and unique purpose.

Vision Screenings

The first step to assessing your eye care needs is to get a vision screening at your optometrist’s clinic in Calgary. A screening is a sample eye health assessment; it is not intended to diagnose problems. This initial set of simple vision tests help uncover potential issues. In other words, the window is lifted half way up. Your doctor will see if certain factors deviate from the norm, but it won’t display every condition or the extent of visibly pending problems. For instance, glaucoma is a common eye disease that often goes undetected with a basic vision screening. Therefore, an initial screening is not the same as a full eye exam. Consult with your optometrist for a proper eye health assessment following a comprehensive eye exam.

A Comprehensive Eye Exam

Optometrists in Calgary perform comprehensive eye exams on their patients. This is a thorough medical examination given by an expert. What you learn is dependent on the optometrist’s skill level and knowledge about vision, particularly yours. A full eye exam involves several steps:

  • Professional optometrists in Calgary first gather all your personal and family medical history. This helps to determine any previous health problems or genetic conditions that may affect your eyesight.
  • Prescreening may include a visual acuity test, corneal measurements, depth perception screening, color vision testing, muscle balance and coordination tests, eye pressure analysis. Visual acuity tests measure vision clarity, and refraction tests determine the need for corrective lenses.
  • An overall eye health assessment follows.

When your exam is completed, your eye doctor is then able to diagnose any underlying conditions that may impact your good vision. This is the time to consult with your optometrist about any issues you may have, discuss the best treatments and get more information on eye health.

Our professional Calgary optometrists at Blink Eyewear recommend an annual comprehensive eye exam for our patients. For those with failing vision, children and the elderly, more frequent visits to our optometrist’s clinic in Calgary may be needed.