Wear Athletic Glasses for Top Performance


Sports eyeglasses are specially designed vision tools constructed to fit your face comfortably and securely during physical activity. Athletic glasses shield your eyes from injury and enhance your ability to see clearly for that extra performance edge.

Sports glasses for top performance

Good eyesight is what drives high performance in most sports. It is vital if you want to be a top competitor, or at least have a standing chance at playing well. Even athletes with 20/20 vision can benefit from the right pair of sports sunglasses to enhance contrast and reduce glare.

The benefits of wearing athletic glasses

Sports research has shown that athletes who wear sports eyeglasses perform considerably better than those who play without eyewear.

In 2003, a study was conducted on the effect of blurred vision on the performance of professional tennis players and pigeon shooting players. The participating athletes wore special goggles that slightly blurred their eyesight.

How blurred vision hinders athletic performance

The tennis players were evaluated by how accurately they could return a ball to the target at the opposite baseline. The shooters were assessed by how many clay pigeons they managed to hit. With the special goggles on, the tennis players were off target by 62 percent. The rifle shooters hit 47 percent fewer bulls-eyes. The overall performance by both the shooters and the tennis players declined by 25 percent while playing with slightly blurred vision.

It was once believed that mental ability was most important to predict the trajectory of a ball. It is now known that vision clarity is even more vital. Since the time of this groundbreaking study, further research has confirmed the important of eye protection, visual skills and the right vision correction in athletic performance.

Recommended eyewear for a list of popular sports

Since there are so many different sports, it is important to understand exactly what type of protection is needed for each activity. This list focuses on key features to look for when purchasing sports glasses for your specific game:

  • Baseball: For batting and running bases wear a helmet with an attached polycarbonate face shield. For fielding choose protective goggles or sports sunglasses with an attached head strap and shatter-proof lenses.
  • Basketball: Sports eyeglasses or goggles that wrap around
  • Bicycling: Sports sunglasses with anti-scratch and anti-fog lens coatings
  • Field Hockey: Sports goggles that included head straps for all players. Goalies need to wear full helmets and face masks.
  • Soccer: Sports goggles
  • Softball: Batters and base runners should wear a helmet with an attached polycarbonate face shield. Field plays need protective goggles or sports sunglasses with shatterproof lenses and an attached head strap.
  • Tennis: Lightweight, wrap around sports sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses
  • Volleyball: Sports sunglasses or goggles