What Can I Expect During and Eye Exam in Calgary?


Many people have never visited an optometrist for eye care. Some people believe there is no reason for it because their vision is seemingly perfect and they haven’t experienced any eye problems. However, eye exams in Calgary are important to monitor the muscle function and overall eye health. Let’s review what to expect when an eye specialist examines your eyes.

What should I expect during an eye exam in Calgary?

First, you will need to supply some essential personal information regarding your health and medical history. Be prepared to fill out a form. This is necessary for the eye specialist to assess or rule out specific eye problems. All of your private data is kept strictly confidential and cannot be released without your prior consent.

After all the paperwork is completed, preliminary testing is performed by an optician. An auto-refractor is used to get an estimate of how well your eyes are able to focus.  This information is used to determine your precise prescription.

Why are scans taken during an eye exam?

The next step is to take images of the back of the eye and scans of the maculae and optic nerves. This nerve transmits information to the brain and is often damaged in many eye disorders, such as glaucoma. Macula is used to distinguish fine details. A lot of problems can occur in this area, mainly macular degeneration.  The scans that are performed during an eye exam in Calgary allow your eye specialist the ability to detect and monitor any changes that may develop due to an eye condition.

What is eye specialist looking for during the exam?

At this point, you will meet with the optometrist. The doctor will review your health and medical information, have a discussion with you about your vision, examine how well your eyes work together, and check your pupils for signs of neurological issues.  Afterward, you will be placed in front of a phoropter and shown a series of lenses with images you will be asked to identify. This isn’t a pass or fail test, it is just a means of determining your correct prescription. Your eye specialist will also look at the inner and outer condition of your eye and lastly, check your eye pressure.

Lastly, you can expect your eye doctor to review with you the scans and images, discuss any concerns, and if necessary, go over your prescription information.  This is the time the doctor will make suggestions on how to improve your vision and eye health, and for you to present any questions.

If you need eyeglasses, you can now have fun picking out your frames. Your optometrist eye care center offers a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors, with a range of prices appropriate for any budget.