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Calgary Stampede Sale! Get Up to 70% Off on Designer Eyewear Until July 31st!

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Blink Eyewear Calgary Optometrist July Sale

At Blink Eyewear We’re Joining in the Stampede Excitement With an Incredible Sale!

With Stampede in full swing, you can feel the excitement in the air, and at Blink Eyewear, we’re joining in the celebration with our incredible Stampede sale!

Whether you need new eyeglasses or you’re looking for the most fashionable sunglasses to wear during all of Stampede’s music festivals and events, you can enjoy some incredible savings on eyewear at ALL our Blink Locations.

Sunglasses are a Stampede Staple

Sunglasses are a stampede staple. Not only do they offer you protection from the sun, but they’re a great compliment to any stampede outfit and an excellent way to inject some personality into your style.

The best news? You can save up to 70% on our range of high quality and designer sunglasses.


How Do I Choose The Perfect Sunglasses For My Face Shape?

Sunglasses do more than just protect your eyes from harmful radiation. They can also enhance your personal style and add harmony to your overall image, provided that you choose the right frame for your face shape.

Here are some tips on how to find the right sunglasses for your face shape:

  • Heart Shaped Face: The narrowest point of your face is the jawline, so choose sunglasses that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom (eg. Browline, Cat eye, and Retro Square). 
  • Round Shaped Face: A round face is widest at the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and jawline. Oversized, angular and rectangular frames will offset this roundness. Go for frames that are square, oversized, or aviator.
  • Oval Shaped Face: This is the most versatile face shape, which means that you can pull off round or square shapes. Just don’t go for frames that are too big or small for your face.
  • Square Shaped Face: To soften features such as a strong jaw, forehead and wide cheekbones choose rimless sunglasses or those with soft lines.



How to Buy Quality Eyeglasses on a Budget

A new pair of eyeglasses can leave you worried over the cost because designer frames, special lenses, and protective coatings can add up to $400-$500, even with insurance!

With these helpful tips, you can cut your overall cost on eyeglasses significantly:

1. Make the Most of Blink Eyewear's Stampede Sale

If you’re looking for a great deal on quality eyeglasses and sunglasses then come on into Blink Eyewear and enjoy our incredible sale! During Stampede, you can enjoy up to 70% off on our wide range of trendy and quality products.

2. Ask About Insurance

If you are covered for insurance, you should double check that the store accepts your plan before buying eyeglasses. If you don’t have insurance, you may want to consider joining a plan because it can cover a significant amount of your eye care costs.

3. Don't Focus on Brands

One reason why eyeglasses cost so much is that they have become a huge fashion accessory. People can spend hundreds on designer frames such as Gucci, Prada, and Versace, but did you know that there are also many high-quality non-designer frames, which look very similar to name brands, at a fraction of the cost?

4. Consider Buying Two Pairs

Many eyeglass stores have special half-price deals and coupons, so if you find one you should consider buying a backup pair of eyeglasses. Why? If your primary one breaks, this type of forward thinking can save you from having to buy a more expensive, emergency replacement pair.

Or you can ask for a discount at the shop for buying two pairs. Eye doctors and independent shops may be more willing to negotiate on price.

5. Check the Details

If you want to save money on your eyeglasses, you have to be aware of the small details. For example, you should take into consideration:

  • Spring hinges are more likely to break than regular ones.
  • Titanium is a great option for a frame because the material is strong, lightweight, unlikely to break, and doesn’t corrode.
  • Any warranties or return policies of the store.

Blink Eyewear Tip: If you are on a tight budget for your eyeglasses, then you should invest in lenses not frames.


We Can Help You Find The Perfect Pair of Eyeglasses

Blink Eyewear is a one-stop shop for eye testing and frames. We are dedicated to helping our patients find the best quality eyeglasses and sunglasses at prices that won’t break the bank.

In addition, we:

  • Offer direct billing to make your payments as stress-free as possible
  • Do professional fittings to find you the right pair of eyeglasses
  • Don’t have any shipping costs
  • Carry a wide range of lenses from progressive and bifocal lenses to aspheric and polycarbonate lenses

Enjoy Incredible Savings Today

To find out more about our wide range of affordable and quality eyewear, and how our optometrists can help you find the perfect pair at a great cost, visit one of our three branches, Crowfoot (403-547-5417), West Springs (403-242-0999) or Creekside (403-516-2292).

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