3 Factors You Must Consider When Choosing New Eyewear

Are you looking for a new pair of eyeglasses? Here are 4 factors you must consider when selecting the right eyewear for your face shape, lifestyle, and unique needs.

Visiting your Calgary eye doctor yearly is very important because he/she can help you achieve clear and comfortable vision through a wide range of high-quality corrective eyewear options, including contact lenses and eyeglasses.

While contact lenses are growing in popularity amongst patients of all ages, eyeglasses remain a favorite due to their excellent benefits.

Apart from being more cost effective, eyeglasses:

  • Provide sharp visual acuity
  • Are easy to take care of and require little maintenance
  • Protect your eyes from wind, dust and other particles
  • Are stable, comfortable, and efficient


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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Eyewear

Choosing the right type of eyewear for your particular needs is important, but because there are so many different styles and materials available, it can become a daunting task to find the best eyewear for you.

While working with your optometrist can help you find the best frame that suits your budget, lifestyle, and face shape, here are 3 factors you should keep in mind when choosing your next pair of spectacles:

1. Your Face Shape

The shape of your face will be a big determining factor when it comes to finding the right frames to enhance your look. Follow this guide to make the right choice:

  • Round face: Square or rectangular frames will make your face look longer and slimmer, adding balance to your features.
  • Oval face: People with an oval face should go for eyeglasses that have a strong bridge, are geometric in shape, and are wider than the broadest part of the face.
  • Square face: Oval or round eyeglasses will balance out your features. Also pick frames that soften the angularity of your face and sit high on the bridge of your nose.
  • Diamond face: Cat eyeglasses or oval frames will play up your narrow forehead and chin. These frames will accentuate your cheekbones and delicate features.

The key to finding the right frames to suit your face shape is: opposites attract. By selecting frames that contrast your facial features, you’ll bring symmetry and balance to your appearance.

2. Your Skin Tone

Just as the shape of your face helps determine which frames look best on you, so does your skin tone. Remember to select a shade that’s closest to your skin tone.

  • Warm Skin Tone: Stay away from contrasting colours such as pastels, whites, and blacks. Instead, look for frames that are olive green, light tortoise, brown shades, gold, or honey.
  • Cool Skin Tone: For people whose skin has pink or blue undertones, reach for frames that are silver, black, pink, blue, mauve, and grey.

More important than hair color and more decisive than eye color, skin tone is an important consideration when selecting your eyewear.

3. Your Personality

The frames you wear should say something about your personality. Why not consider having a pair of glasses that showcase your fun side on the weekends and emphasize your professional attitude during the week.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When choosing your eyeglasses, think about your lifestyle. If you’re highly active and engage in sports, you may want to talk to your optometrist about materials that can twist and bend without breaking. If you want to impress your boss in the office, we can help you choose a sensible, yet truly unique frame.



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