Bifocal & Progressive Lenses

Bifocal & Progressive Lenses

As we age, our vision will start to fail us for up-close viewing.  This normally occurs around 40 years.   In the past, Bifocal lenses—lenses with two distinct viewing areas—were used.  Now, Progressive lenses—lenses with multiple viewing areas are used.

In Bifocals, there is a noticeable line separating the two different fields of vision.  A slight adjustment to the angle of the head allows wearers to choose which lens area to look through based on the distance of the object they’re trying to see. (Bifocal glasses date back to the days of Benjamin Franklin!)

While wearers quickly adjust to the line separating the two vision fields, it is a noticeable distraction within the lens itself. This line can be eliminated using a newer lens technology called progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses incorporate multiple fields of vision—from distance to middle to near—within a single lens without a line.

We carry all the top brands for progressive lenses including Nikon, Hoya, and Essilor.  Come see us for your perfect progressive lenses today!

How To Get Use To Your Progressive Lenses

When you first get your progressive lenses, it's important to know that there may be an adjustment period. You might experience soft dizziness or a swimming sensation on the sides. This is normal and will quickly pass. Think of your progressives as a new visual tool that your brain needs to get used to using. 

  • It best to start wearing your progressives first thing in the morning with fresh eyes.  
  • When looking in the distance, tip your chin down slightly and look through the top of the lenses
  • When looking at your computer or midrange zones, raise your chin slightly to look through the middle of the lenses
  • When reading, drop your eyes to look through the bottom of your lenses
  • When you look through the corners of your lenses, they will always seem a bit blurry - this is normal
  • Move your head slightly instead of just your eyes
  • Point your nose to where you want to look
  • When going up or downstairs, bend slightly at your waist, tuck in your chin a bit and look through the top part of the lenses at the stairs.

Special thanks to the Eyeglass Guide, for informational material that aided in the creation of this website. 

Our Eyewear

Outstanding vision care across Calgary

Outstanding vision care across Calgary

Blink Eyewear is the largest provider of vision services and care in Calgary, operating no fewer than 3 accessible locations across the region. All of our stores are inventoried with the most sought-after designer and commercial frames and eyewear for all occasions and purposes. 

Home to experienced optometrists and opticians, our stores also offer comprehensive eye exams to individuals of all ages, emergency eye care, and the treatment and management of eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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Blink Eyewear boasts the largest collection of eyewear in Calgary, but our 3 locations are also home to the region’s finest optometrists. Just as you will not find a better store to shop for your eyewear, you will not find a better vision clinic to do your eye exam or treat your eye condition. 

Go ahead and Blink; what you see is really what you get. Call one of our store numbers or fill out the form below to book an appointment.

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