Transitions® Lenses

Transitions® Lenses

Transitions® Lenses are photochromic lenses that are clear until dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UV) is present. Once outdoors, the brighter the sun, the darker Transitions® Lenses become.

Since Transitions® Lenses block 100% of the sun’s eye-damaging rays and help to reduce painful, discomforting glare, they protect your eyes on cloudy days, sunny days, and everything in between. Transitions® Lenses are the most convenient way for you to protect your eyes from the light you can see and the light you can’t. All while helping to improve the quality of your vision and the long-term health and well-being of your eyes.

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That means healthy sight for just about everyone, anywhere, anytime!

Are Transitions® Lenses Right For You?

Indoors, outdoors, day and night—while working, reading, playing or just kicking back with family or friends, your life is unique and uniquely busy. 

In a perfect world, your everyday lenses would help you see better, feel better, and look better, all while protecting your eyes day-in and day-out.

Original Transitions®  Lenses

Transitions® Lenses everyday lenses can help you through your busy day. This dynamic eyewear is designed to be worn indoors and to automatically adapt when outdoors to give you a more comfortable viewing experience while protecting your eyes from damaging UV light.

Transitions® Lenses XTRActive

Features include slight indoor tint, darkest everyday Transitions® Lenses for those who spend most of the day outdoors, moderate tint behind the windshield to provide some comfort while driving.

Transitions® SOLFX Sunwear Products

Transitions® Lenses SOLFX™ performance sun lenses are specifically designed for outdoor activities to help enhance visual performance. Crafted with functionality in mind, Transitions® Lenses SOLFX lenses automatically adjust to optimize lens colour and darkness in changing outdoor lighting conditions.

Transitions®  Lenses Video

See Transitions® Lenses in a whole new light! There are now two distinct families of lenses for the comfort, convenience, and UV protection that best fit your lifestyle.

*Transitions®   is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc

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Are Transition Lenses Right For Me?
Are Transition Lenses Right For Me?

  Transitions® Lenses May Be Right For You If: You Go Outside Whether you are constantly in and out or you spend most of your day outside, Transitions® Lenses are incredibly beneficial for anyone exposed to sunlight. Bec

August 1, 2022
Vision Health Month: Improve Your Vision AND Protect Your Eyes With Transitions® Lenses
Vision Health Month: Improve Your Vision AND Protect Your Eyes With Transitions® Lenses

The Benefits Of Transitions® Lenses 1. Reduce UV Exposure UV light is harmful to the eyes and can increase your risk of developing cataracts, photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes), growths, eye cancer, and more. Transition lenses tha

May 5, 2022
Transition Lenses And How To Take Care Of Them
Transition Lenses And How To Take Care Of Them

Taking Care Of Your Transition Lenses  To maximize your transition lenses’ lifespan, follow these directives:  Clean your transition lenses every day: You will be most likely wearing your transition lenses at all ti

July 6, 2021
Considering Transition Lenses? The Pros And Cons.
Considering Transition Lenses? The Pros And Cons.

Pros Of Transition Lenses Always Have Your Sunglasses With You You might remember to bring your sunglasses if it’s sunny when you leave the house, but if it’s overcast or if you’re rushing out the door, sunglasses are

September 13, 2022

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Outstanding vision care across Calgary

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