With three locations serving the Calgary area, Blink Eyewear - Optometry's eye care professionals are highly trained in the latest optometry practices and technologies to serve every member of your family - from infant to senior. Our wide range of quality frames withstand the rigors of daily life, and our designer brands allow you to express who you truly are.

We build lasting relationships with our patients through consistent, high-quality care and a shared commitment that each patient leaves our clinic seeing, and looking, their very best. Reach out today and experience the Blink Eyewear difference!

A brand to call your own

Blink Eyewear - Optometry carries reputable brands for all kinds of eyewear and frames and at every price point.

Young professionals will be impressed by our fine selection of Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors prescription glasses. Athletes will love our Nike sunglasses. Fashionistas will be infatuated with our designer brands like i-Green Custom, Gucci, Prada, and D&G? And how can we forget good old mainstays like Ray-Ban and Oakley? We even carry ArmouRx safety glasses for our skilled workers! 


"We build lasting relationships with our patients through consistent, high-quality care and a shared commitment that each patient leaves our clinic seeing, and looking, their very best. Reach out today and experience the Blink Eyewear difference."

Blink Eyewear Supports

Blink Eyewear is proud to support initiatives in our community and around the world: 

  • Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association: We sponsor their baseball and soccer teams!
  • Dress For The Cause: Every year, we raise money to fight breast cancer. 
  • Calgary Food Bank: Every December, we offer a discount on eyewear purchases for every food bank donation.
  • World Partnership Walk: Blink Eyewear is a long-time member of this global anti-poverty movement. 
  • Lions Recycle For Sight Problem: We help distribute used eyeglasses to people in developing countries who need them!

And more!

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Multiple Locations

We go way beyond eye exams at Blink Eyewear. Our eye doctors provide a full range of superior eye care services in our conveniently located offices, in West Springs, Creekside, and Crowfoot. As a family-friendly practice, we warmly welcome patients of all ages to visit for a comprehensive eye exam.

Using first-rate skills, cutting-edge technologies, and years of professional experience, our eye doctor will check your eyes for accurate vision and quality eye health. We personalize every eye exam to consider the unique needs of each patient.

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Services for all your vision needs

Blink Eyewear - Optometry joins trendy eyewear shopping with exemplary vision care. Not only do we carry the largest inventory in Calgary, but our optometrists also have extensive experience administering eye exams, working with contact lenses, and treating and managing devastating eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and conjunctivitis. 

See our full range of vision services below!

We Offer Direct Billing

Seeing in Style

Are you looking for the latest Oakley and Ray-Ban frames? We have them. Or perhaps you are yearnings for something more upscale, like D&G or Prada? We have them too. 

Our Creekside, West Springs, and Crowfoot stores carry frames at every price point and for every purpose. Standard prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, sports glasses, transition lenses, eyewear for kids… we have designer brands for all!

Our eye doctors

Our success is largely owed to our amazing optometrists. Combining talents from both Canada and the United States, Blink Eyewear has assembled an exceptional team well-equipped to meet all your vision needs. From administering a routine eye exam to helping you overcome macular degeneration, our eye doctors are what we call generalist specialists. 

Read more about their experience and where to find them in one of our 3 locations!

The Blink Experience

Are you looking for your next pair of prescription eyeglasses? Blink Eyewear has the frames you want and the lenses you need. Our job is to walk you through the whole process—from your eye exam to the moment you leave our store with a pair of glasses you would never want to take off. Here is what you can expect from the Blink experience.

Make First Contact
1. Make First Contact

Book an eye exam with any of our 3 locations in Calgary by calling the store number or by filling out the online contact form.

Did You Know?

Different eye conditions require different types of lenses. At Blink Eyewear, we carry: single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive lenses, and transition lenses. 

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Come In For Your Eye Exam
2. Come In For Your Eye Exam

Our optometrists and opticians use state-of-the-art optometry instruments to complete your eye exam.

Did You Know?

Your eye prescription is only valid for 2 years. Blink Eyewear has a comprehensive list of eye exams to best serve you.

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Choose Your Frames
3. Choose Your Frames

Have fun exploring our vast collection of designer and commercial frames! We are confident you will find the frames you need.

Did You Know?

Your lifestyle matters. You do not want to be making a fashion statement if you plan to wear your glasses on the football field! Let us help you choose your frames.

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Pick Up Your Glasses
4. Pick Up Your Glasses

Come back in a week to receive your prescription glasses. Do not hesitate to drop by again if you need further adjustments!

Did You Know?

Our stores boast a 4.9/5 rating on both Google and Facebook from hundreds of reviews. Our customer service, care quality, and our products are sure to impress you!

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Always a location near you

Our 3 Blink Eyewear - Optometry locations in Creekside, West Springs and Crowfoot ensure that excellent vision services are available to you regardless of where you reside in Calgary. All 3 of our stores carry a large assortment of eyewear designed to meet all your vision needs as well as accomplished optometrists and opticians capable of treating some of the most medically significant eye conditions.  

We also offer Blink-exclusive telehealth services for those wanting to get their eyes checked from the comfort of their home!





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Blink Eyewear boasts the largest collection of eyewear in Calgary, but our 3 locations are also home to the region’s finest optometrists. Just as you will not find a better store to shop for your eyewear, you will not find a better vision clinic to do your eye exam or treat your eye condition. 

Go ahead and Blink; what you see is really what you get. Call one of our store numbers or fill out the form below to book an appointment.

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