4 Conditions That Can Be Detected With A Retinal Exam

Many people don’t realize that retinal imaging is important even if you don’t wear corrective lenses or have vision issues. These exams are also able to check for and detect overall health concerns like high blood pressure.
Maintaining eye health and preserving your vision is an important part of your health care routine that should not be overlooked. We depend greatly on our vision to navigate the world around us and ensuring that we protect ourselves from potential vision loss is ever so important.
Your optometrist can complete complex imaging of your retina to assess for potentially harmful eye conditions that can lead to partial or total vision loss. These images can be used to keep an accurate and detailed history of your eye to reveal any changes that may signal declining eye health.
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What is Retinal Imaging?

Retinal Imaging is a high-resolution eye exam that uses imaging systems to take pictures and get a detailed view of the inside of your eye. Your NW Calgary optometrist will use these images to assess the health of your retina, which is responsible for communicating to the brain through the optic nerve.
Why are retinal exams so important? The reality is that undetected eye disease that affects your retina could, in time, lead to vision loss. So maintaining your retinal health is imperative. With this eye exam, retinal disorders can be detected earlier, allowing for prompt treatment of a potentially serious disease. Addressing the issue quickly can halt progression and even prevent full vision loss.
One of the biggest benefits of retinal imaging is the detailed history it provides to your vision care team. Retinal scans over time can be viewed side-by-side, allowing your eye doctor to compare and contrast, keeping a close watch for any changes that signal something could be wrong.

Early Detection of Eye Disease Through Retinal Exams

Retinal exams allow your Optometrist to uncover concerning changes in your eyes. Here are four eye conditions that can be detected with these images:
  1. Diabetic Retinopathy. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause blindness due to changes like swelling and leaking in the retina blood vessels. The best way to avoid this is with proper disease management and a diabetic retinal exam.
  2. Glaucoma. This group of eye conditions causes damage to the optic nerve which is essential for maintaining your vision. Connecting with a clinic that provides glaucoma testing in NW Calgary is critical for healthy eyes.
  3. Detached Retina. Traumas, such as a blow to the head, can cause retinal detachment. If you have concerns about a possible retinal detachment, contact an Optometrist right away to an urgent eye examination.
  4. Macular Degeneration. This eye disease, also known as Age Related Macular Degeneration, or AMD for short, can show up in two ways: Wet or Dry AMD, causing partial vision loss, and less often, total blindness.
If you have concerns with your eyesight, our team of experts at Blink Eyewear offers Diagnostic Imaging and Diabetic Retinal Exams in NW Calgary> We also offer a variety of other important vision tests. Contact us today to book in with our experienced and thorough team of optometrists.

Protect Your Vision with Retinal imaging in Calgary

Optometry is always changing and advancing to the benefit of our patients. Your optometrist may administer one or more of these retinal exams for assessment: Angiography, Fundus Photography, Ultrasound, or Optical Coherence Tomography. Your optical team will determine what you need based on your age, symptoms, and possible risk factors.
Retinal Imaging is a safe, and effective way to maintain excellent eye health. Contact our NW Calgary Optometrist team to book in for your routine eye exam.



Q: What can retinal imaging detect?
A: Retinal imaging is a simple and accurate eye exam that provides your doctor with a clear picture of the health of your eye. These pictures can help detect progressive eye disease such as:
  • Retinal detachment
  • Glaucoma
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
Q: How Accurate are Retinal Scans?
A: Eye exams that include retinal imaging are an important and accurate way to monitor your eye health. When adding this laser scan into your eye exam routine, it allows your optometrist to accurately look for eye conditions within the retina. Although a great tool, retinal scans are just one part of a comprehensive eye assessment and so should not be used to replace your regular eye exam.
Q: Who should not get retinal imaging?
A: If you are thinking about getting a retinal scan be sure to let your doctor know any of the following:
  • If you are pregnant of breastfeeding
  • If you have glaucoma
  • If you are taking medications, or supplements
  • If you have allergies
Your trusted NW Calgary optometrist will decide whether or not to complete your exam and weigh out the risk vs benefits for you based on your individual needs. The team at Blink Eyewear are trusted professionals who can help you decide if a retinal laser is right for you.

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