5 Makeup Tips for Dry Eyes

Are dry eyes making it tough for you to wear your favourite eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara? Here are some simple and easy dry eye care tips when wearing makeup.

Dry eye syndrome is a condition when your eyes don’t produce enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly. While in most cases, the symptoms of this eye condition are temporary and mild, for some people, chronic dry eye can be frustrating, painful, and result in symptoms such as: 

  • Burning/itching sensation
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry/sore eyes

Comprehensive Dry Eye Care in Calgary

At Blink Eyewear, our team of highly experienced and qualified optometrists can provide comprehensive eye exams and dry eye care to diagnose and treat the symptoms of this condition, providing relief and restoring comfort to your vision once again. 

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Makeup Habits and Dry Eye Syndrome: What You Need to Know 

Do you suffer from easily irritated and dry eyes? If so, wearing makeup might not be the most comfortable experience! However, there are some simple and easy dry eye care tips you can follow that will help alleviate these unwanted symptoms. 

1. Always Clean Your Eyes and Makeup Brushes

Before you apply makeup to your eyes, you must always ensure that both your eyes and your makeup brushes are clean. 

Follow these brush cleaning tips: 

  • Wash your brushes at least once a week
  • Sterilize and clean the brush handle
  • Never use cleaning products that will cause skin irritation, a gentle face soap will suffice
  • Dry your brushes properly by air-drying them or laying them down on a clean towel

Remember: Applying eyeshadow or other makeup with a dirty brush can be dangerous and may even lead to bacterial or viral infections. 

2. Talk to Your Optometrist About Using Lubricating Eye Drops

One of the best ways to avoid dry eyes when you are wearing makeup is to apply lubricating drops prior to applying your makeup. These will ensure that your eyes remain moist and will: 

  • Provide instant relief from any burning or stinging sensation
  • Eliminate discomfort
  • Replenish your eyes’ natural moisture
  • Give the feeling of refreshed vision and eyes

Before you opt for any lubricating drops, you must always talk to your optometrist. This is important because there are some drops that are not suitable for dry eye care. 

3. Use Cream Instead of Powder Eyeshadow 

Many eyeshadows come in a powder form, but this can easily find its way into your eyes, resulting in dryness, itching, and redness. Cream eyeshadows will stay in place better and they are an excellent option for people with eye allergies or dry eyes. 

Only have powder eyeshadow? If you are using a powder-based product, make sure to tap off any excess makeup from the brush before applying it to your eyes. This will help reduce the amount of loose powder that could get in your eyes and end up irritating your vision. 

4. Wash Your Makeup Off Before Going to bed 

This is an  important step for any makeup wearer, but especially those who suffer from dry eyes. Remember, going to sleep with your makeup on, especially if you are wearing mascara or eyeliner, will allow bacteria to build up and exacerbate your dry eye syndrome. 

5. Apply Your Makeup Wisely 

Always make sure to apply makeup outside your eyelash line, on your upper and lower lids to avoid contact with the oil glands along the lash line. Also try to keep your mascara to a minimum and apply it to only the tips of your lashes, avoiding the lash roots. If you have naturally long lashes, consider skipping the mascara altogether and only using an eyelash curler. 

Our Calgary Optometrists Can Help Relieve Dry Eye Syndrome 

If your symptoms of dry eye are chronic, then it might be time to visit your Calgary optometrist. Our team can advise on the next course of treatment to ensure your vision stays clear and comfortable. 

If you want to find out more about our dry eye care services, contact our team at our Crowfoot (403-547-5417), West Springs (403-242-0999) or Creekside (403-516-2292) branches.

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