6 Eye Diseases Your Optometrist Can Detect With Retinal Imaging

Digital retinal imaging during your regular eye exam will allow your Calgary eye doctor to evaluate the health of the back of your eye and catch any early signs of certain ocular conditions that could cause vision loss down the road.

Digital Retinal Imaging is a test during which a camera snaps a high resolution digital picture of your retina, allowing your Calgary optometrist to evaluate the health of the back of your eye. Your eye doctor can use this as a baseline to track any changes in your eyes in future eye examinations.

Some of the benefits of having a digital retinal imaging during your eye exam include:

  • Quick, safe, and non-invasive
  • No patient prep is required
  • Provides instant, direct imaging of the structure and form of your eye tissue
  • Provides detailed images of your retina
  • Uses eye-safe near-infrared light

Comprehensive Eye Exams and Digital Retinal Imaging to Protect The Health of Your Eye

At Blink Eyewear, we use cutting-edge digital imaging technology to assess your eyes and detect many eye diseases at an early stage, when they can be successfully treated or managed before causing any vision loss.

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6 Diseases Your Eye Doctor Can Detect With Digital Retinal Imaging

During your eye exam, your Calgary eye doctor will perform a digital retinal imaging test which allows for a more detailed view of your retina and a better chance of detecting eye diseases. This is important because it will ensure the proper treatment is put into place to hinder disease progression, or treat it all together.

Here are 6 diseases that your eye doctor can detect with digital retinal imaging:

  1. Glaucoma: Retinal imaging can reveal signs and symptoms of glaucoma, such as damage to the optic nerve caused by increased pressure on the blood vessels in this area. Early detection of this eye disease is key as it can often lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated.
  1. Retinal Detachment: Retinal detachment is a medical emergency that requires prompt treatment to prevent permanent vision loss. Digital retinal imaging used on patients who are exhibiting symptoms of this condition, such as seeing flashes of light or floaters, allows eye doctors to quickly find evidence that the retina has become detached.
  1. Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Retinal imaging can show many symptoms of AMD, such as fluid leakage or bleeding in the back of the eye. AMD is one of the main causes of vision loss in patients over 50, so adding this test to the patient’s eye exam could be the difference between being adequately treated and blindness.
  1. Diabetic Retinopathy: This technology used on patients with diabetes helps detect early signs of retinal damage due to the disease. Using retinal imaging, your optometrist can check for abnormal changes in the eye, including the formation of new blood vessels and/or swelling.
  1. High Blood Pressure: Hypertension can go undiagnosed for years, increasing the risk of heart problems or stroke. With digital retinal imaging, patients can find out early if they have high blood pressure. How? This test shows symptoms of hypertension in the eye, such as narrowing blood vessels, bleeding in the back of the eye, or retinal spots. Finding early signs of this disease ensures the patient gets the treatment they need to manage it and lower the risk of complications.
  1. Cancer: Retinal imaging can significantly increase a patient’s chances of treating certain types of cancers. High resolution images of the retina can show early signs of cancer in the eye, such as dark spots that indicate a melanoma. When these symptoms are caught early, patients can seek treatment promptly to prevent the cancer from spreading.

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