8 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Summer Season

8 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Summer Season

With a new season starting, now is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to taking care of your vision. From wearing the right sunglasses to eating a healthy diet, here are 6 simple tips that will help you maintain the health of your eyes.

Our eyes are one of the most important and sensitive organs in our body and they require a lot of care to ensure they are functioning optimally. Practicing good eye care, wearing UV protected sunglasses, and visiting your optometrist regularly can go a long way in preventing ocular problems such as:

Protect Your Vision This Summer With Our High Quality Sunglasses

At Blink Eyewear, we carry a wide range of affordable, fashionable, and high quality sunglasses to keep your eyes protected this summer season. Our qualified optometrists also offer a wide range of vision services such as eye emergency care and contact lens fittings to ensure your vision stays clear and comfortable all year round.

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8 Simple Tips For Protecting Your Vision

When summer arrives, it can be very tempting to make up for lost time and go out and enjoy the weather without abandon, but you must take care. Summer activities can pose a number of hazards to your vision. The biggest one is exposure to UV radiation, which can increase your risk for developing certain conditions such as cataracts, as well as increase your risk of eye injuries.

To help keep your eyes and vision safe this summer, here are 8 simple tips to follow:

  1. Choose the right sunglasses. UV radiation is much stronger in the summer and without the right sunglasses, you could be damaging your vision. When purchasing a pair of sunglasses for summer, make sure you choose ones that offer 100% UV protection. This means that the lenses will block the full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays.

  2. Ask your optometrist which lenses you should purchase. If you are very active in the summer or play a lot of sports, then you should talk to your optometrist about a wraparound style of sunglasses or even shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses.

  3. Buy your sunglasses from a reputable eye clinic. While it may be tempting to purchase sunglasses online because of attractive prices, some online shops may sell products that are dangerous for your eyes. Always do your research before buying and always buy from your local eye clinic.

  4. Wear a hat. Not only will a hat give your eyes some extra protection, but it will also protect your face and skin from sun damage.

  5. Purchase swim goggles. Whether you’re swimming in an indoor/outdoor pool or a lake, these communal areas could be teeming with bacteria, which may cause an intense eye infection. Wearing swim goggles can give your eyes the protection they need.

  6. Never swim with your contact lenses. Contact lenses should never be exposed to tap water or water in pools, oceans, showers, and hot tubs. Swimming with your contact lenses can result in eye infections, irritations, and even vision-threatening conditions such as a corneal ulcer.

  7. Be careful of indoor tanning. Tanning beds can produce far greater UV levels than the sun, which increases your risk for serious eye damage and skin cancer. If you do use tanning beds, make sure to wear UV-blocking goggles.

  8. Wash your hands. Everyone is more active outside in the summertime, which makes it easier for infections to spread, especially pink eye. So make sure to wash your hands regularly, especially before putting in your contact lenses.


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