Choosing The Best Eyeglass Frames For You

Getting your first pair of prescription eyeglasses can be intimidating. You understand that it is essential for your vision, but you dread how you will look with it. 

Not every pair of eyeglasses is guaranteed to make you look like a bookworm. In fact, the right frames can make you even more stylish and accentuate your best facial features. The trick is to understand which frames best suit the shape of your face and which colour best compliments your skin tone. Choosing frames for your eyeglasses is an art in itself! 

Our optometrists at Blink Eyewear know exactly which frames work best with your facial features and skin colour. Leave it to us to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses to complement your looks and style! Call 403-516-2292 or fill out the online contact form to take a look at our large inventory of eyeglasses or to book an eye exam.

Finding The Perfect Frames For You 

Frames are purely an aesthetic matter. But if you are going to wear your eyeglasses every day, you should probably do it with style. Glasses are not just a way to correct your vision; they can be a fashion statement too. 

Follow this 3-step approach to choose the frames that best synergize with your look: 

  1. Identify your face shape: Different face shapes work well with different frames. If you are unsure about your face shape, trace the contour of your face with your finger. If you are fortunate enough to have an oval face shape, then you can go wild with your frames. Most frames will work well with you! Those with a square or triangle face shape may choose to avoid square frames, as these may emphasize your angular features. Round-faced customers should steer clear from round frames for the same reason. The rule of thumb is to avoid frames that have the same shape as your face. 
  2. Choose your frames’ colour: What colour to get for your frames can be a subjective question. After all, we all have our favourite colours. However, if you are undecided on this subject, you can opt for colours that match your skin tone. Those rocking a cool-coloured skin tone can amplify their appearance with cool-coloured frames, such as black, gray, or blue. Warmer-toned customers are better served warmer-coloured frames, like brown, pink, or red. Above all, think of your frames as another part of your attire. If you do not wear clothes of a certain colour, do not pick frames of that colour. 
  3. Consider your lifestyle: The frames you select must be compatible with your way of life. Sturdy or twistable frames are preferable if you do a lot of sports. If you are a business professional, you might want to consider round or rectangular frames coated in classic colours like gold, silver, or black. Hipsters and fashionistas will feel right at home with thick, eccentrically coloured, plastic-rimmed glasses. 

Better Vision Does Not Have To Be Unsightly 

Many choose not to wear glasses even though they need them because they have not found the frames that complement their appearance. When shopping for frames, be sure to consider your face shape, your skin tone, and the kind of lifestyle you lead. Do your due diligence and find prescription eyeglasses that improve both your vision and look. 

That being said, frames are ultimately a superficial concern. When selecting frames the most important thing to remember is “You do you”! But choosing your frames is not more important than making sure you have the correct prescription. Blink Eyewear allows you to do both. Come to one of our Calgary stores to get your eye exam and select your frames from unique collections at all price points in the same visit. Call 403-516-2292 or fill out the online contact form to get started. 


Q: Do you sell frames without lenses?
A: Yes. We sell frames without lenses for those who intend to use their glasses as a fashion accessory. 

Q: Will you add lenses to any of your frames? 
A: Yes. We can add prescription lenses to any of our frames in our inventory. 

Q: May I order lenses only?
A: Yes. Send us your eyeglasses and we will fit the updated prescription lenses into your frames. 

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