Contact Lens Care in Changing Weather: Essential Tips for Springtime in Calgary

Contact Lens Care in Changing Weather: Essential Tips for Springtime in Calgary

In this blog, we explore essential tips for contact lens care during Calgary's springtime, a season of fluctuating weather conditions that pose unique challenges for lens wearers. We emphasize the importance of a rigorous cleaning routine to combat increased pollen and dust, staying hydrated to manage dry eyes, and protecting the eyes from the spring sun with UV-blocking sunglasses or contact lenses. Additionally, adjusting indoor air quality with humidifiers is recommended to prevent lens dryness. By understanding these impacts and adjusting care routines, contact lens wearers can enjoy spring's beauty in Calgary comfortably and healthily, ensuring their eyes remain well-cared for amidst the season's changing conditions.

As springtime unfurls its beauty in Calgary, the changing weather brings with it a bouquet of challenges, especially for those of us who wear contact lenses. The transition from the cold, dry winter to the warmer, sometimes unpredictable spring weather can affect our comfort and eye health. In this gentle transition, it’s crucial for contact lens wearers to adapt their care routine to ensure their eyes remain healthy and comfortable. Let's delve into some essential tips tailored for the springtime in Calgary, designed to help you navigate this beautiful yet challenging season with ease.

Understanding the Impact of Spring Weather on Contact Lenses

The spring season in Calgary is a time of renewal, but it also ushers in elements that can challenge contact lens wearers. Fluctuating temperatures, increased pollen count, and varying humidity levels can contribute to discomfort and potential eye health issues. Recognizing these changes and how they impact your contact lens experience is the first step in adapting your care routine for optimal eye health.

Embracing a Rigorous Cleaning Routine

With the arrival of spring, the air becomes laden with pollen and dust, making it all the more crucial to maintain a rigorous cleaning routine for your contact lenses. Pollen can adhere to the surface of your lenses, causing irritation and discomfort. Daily cleaning and disinfecting of your lenses, using a recommended solution, can help remove these irritants and prevent the buildup of deposits. For those particularly sensitive days, consider using a daily disposable lens to reduce the risk of allergen accumulation.

Staying Hydrated and Managing Dry Eyes

As the weather warms up, we often find ourselves outdoors enjoying the longer days and beautiful blossoms. However, increased outdoor activity, especially in windy conditions, can lead to dry eyes, a common complaint among contact lens wearers. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using lubricating eye drops approved for use with contact lenses can help maintain moisture levels in your eyes. These simple practices can significantly improve your comfort, allowing you to enjoy the springtime splendor without discomfort.

Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

The spring sun, while not as intense as in summer, can still pose a risk to your eyes, particularly when it reflects off the melting snow. UV rays can harm your eyes and potentially exacerbate sensitivity issues related to contact lens wear. Investing in a pair of high-quality sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection will shield your eyes from harmful rays and reduce the risk of UV-related eye damage. For added convenience, consider contact lenses with built-in UV protection to double down on your defense against the sun.

Adjusting for Indoor Air Quality

While the outdoor air quality can fluctuate greatly during spring, the indoor environment also plays a significant role in contact lens comfort. As we shed the winter chill and start using air conditioning units or fans, the indoor air can become dry, affecting our eyes. Using a humidifier to maintain a comfortable indoor humidity level can help prevent your eyes and contact lenses from drying out. This adjustment can make a significant difference in how your eyes feel, especially during those longer days spent indoors.

In conclusion, springtime in Calgary, with its promise of renewal and beauty, brings unique challenges for contact lens wearers. By understanding the impact of changing weather conditions and adapting your eye care routine accordingly, you can enjoy this vibrant season to the fullest. Embracing a rigorous cleaning routine, staying hydrated, protecting your eyes from the sun, and adjusting for indoor air quality are key steps in ensuring your eyes remain healthy and comfortable. Remember, these tips are not only about overcoming the challenges but also about enhancing your springtime experience. As you watch the city come alive with the colors of spring, let your eye care routine reflect the care and attention you give to the changing seasons.

Written on behalf of Blink Eyewear.


Pollen can adhere to lenses, causing irritation and discomfort. A rigorous cleaning routine can help remove these irritants and prevent buildup.

Daily disposable lenses are recommended during high pollen days to reduce allergen accumulation.

Daily cleaning and disinfecting with a recommended solution are crucial, especially to remove pollen and dust that can accumulate in spring.

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