Everything You Need to Know About Eye Allergies

Do you suffer from eye allergies? Here’s how our SW Calgary optometrist can help diagnose your condition and treat it to help restore clarity and comfort to your vision.

Also referred to as allergic conjunctivitis, an eye allergy occurs when something you are allergic to irritates the conjunctiva in your eye — that is the delicate membrane covering the eye and the inside of your eyelid. Common symptoms of eye allergies include: 

  • Itching 
  • Watering 
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Foreign body sensation 
  • Burning

It’s important to note that the above symptoms can also indicate an eye infection, or another ocular condition. That’s why it’s always important to visit your Calgary eye doctor if you are experiencing any changes in your vision or condition of your eyes. 

Our SW Calgary Optometrists Provide Comprehensive Dry Eye Care Services and Can Help You Achieve Clear Vision 

If you suspect you are suffering from eye allergies, it is always best to visit your Calgary eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. At our SW Calgary eye clinic, our optometrists can provide dry eye care and perform various tests to help diagnose and manage your condition, so you can enjoy clear and comfortable vision. 

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Dry Eye Syndrome vs Eye Allergies: How to Tell the Difference 

It can be tricky to tell the difference between eye allergies and dry eye syndrome, as both can present with itching and a scratchy (foreign body) sensation. However, the feeling of grittiness is more common with dry eyes — but many times, the conditions are seen together. 

Many patients don’t realize that over-the-counter oral antihistamines can dry out your eyes, which is why dry eye care from your optometrist is necessary in conjunction with treating ocular allergies. 

What Causes Eye Allergies? 

There are two main types of eye allergies. Seasonal allergies are often caused by pollen and mold spores. Perennial allergies are often caused by pet dander and dust mites. Short term reactions could occur if you use products, such as perfume or makeup you are sensitive to. 

When you are exposed to an allergen, cells in your eyes release histamine, and other chemicals, that cause inflammation. This is why itching, redness, and watering occur. 

Are There Any Permanent Solutions to Getting Rid of Eye Allergies? 

In order to treat your allergies, you may opt to use over-the-counter drops. If those don’t help, then your eye doctor can prescribe drops. The type of drops will depend on the severity of your allergies. If it is severe, your optometrist may suggest a mild ocular steroid drop to quickly relieve your symptoms. 

In addition to this, removing or avoiding the triggers to your eye allergies will help keep your vision clear and comfortable. 

Can I Wear Contact Lenses When Suffering from Eye Allergies? 

It is always recommended that you take out your contact lenses and wear your eyeglasses if you are suffering from eye allergies. You may also want to talk to your optometrist about daily disposable contact lenses. These will help decrease the allergens in the eyes. 

Our Calgary Eye Doctors Can Help Alleviate Any Vision Discomfort 

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