Eye Injury Prevention Month: Summer Eye Safety

Eye Injury Prevention Month: Summer Eye Safety

Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the many activities these months offer, but make sure you’re prepared for all that comes with it. When thinking of summertime safety, people often think of using sunscreen and bug spray, but your eyes also need protection. UV blocking sunglasses, safety goggles, swim goggles, and an understanding of safety regulations are all important ways to arm yourself against injury so that you can spend the summer enjoying your time outside instead of recovering from an accident. This Eye Injury Prevention Month, learn about how simple preventative measures can make a big difference when it comes to your eye health.

How To Prevent Common Eye Injuries In Summer

Use UV Blocking Sunglasses
Any time you go outside, your eyes are exposed to UV rays that can cause harm both short-term and long-term. If you don’t wear UV-blocking sunglasses you are at risk of developing photokeratitis, or sunburn of the eye. This condition can develop in as little as 30 minutes and can cause pain, discomfort, and temporary visual impairment such as blurry vision and sensitivity to light. Photokeratitis can last anywhere between several hours and several days, often dissipating within 48 hours, although this will depend on how severe the corneal burn is. UV exposure will also gradually increase your risk of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and cancer of the eye or eyelid. You can lower your risk for developing these conditions and photokeratitis by wearing UV-blocking sunglasses anytime you go outside, as well as wearing a hat that offers your eyes shade and sunscreen on your eyelids and surrounding areas.

Don’t Use At-Home Fireworks
It might be tempting to celebrate Canada Day with fireworks, but leave it up to the professionals. Fireworks put your eye health at risk twofold: the firework may explode early or may go off too close to you and send shrapnel flying, and the light from the explosion may harm your eyes. Even using fireworks with safety glasses on is often not enough, as your eyes may be protected from shrapnel, but they won’t be protected from the bright light. Remember that even though they may look pretty high in the sky, fireworks are explosives and are dangerous. Another reason to avoid at-home fireworks is that the private use of fireworks and pyrotechnics or the use of either without a permit is prohibited by the city of Calgary. 

Wear Goggles When Swimming
A beach day can be a great way to spend time outside and soak up summer, but if you go to a lake, river, or other body of natural water, remember that the water has bacteria in it and may have parasites. When these get in the eyes, they can cause eye infections. These infections can become very serious and require medical attention. Swimming pools tend to use chlorine to ensure their water doesn’t have the same type of bacteria and is safer, but the chlorine itself can irritate the eyes. Wearing a pair of well-fitted goggles can help you enjoy the water without the fear of eye infection or irritation. For anyone who wears contacts, ensure you do not wear them swimming; contacts can soak up the water you are swimming in. If you do wear your contacts while swimming, dispose of them when you are done.

Wear Safety Glasses While Doing Yard Work
Yard work often involves powerful machinery that can cause items to go flying. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, weed whacking, trimming the bushes, or more, make sure you wear safety glasses every time. Anyone helping or in the immediate vicinity should wear safety eyewear too. If you normally wear glasses, consider purchasing a pair of prescription safety glasses so you can do your yard work safely and without visual impediments. A fast-flying pebble or any technical problems with the yard tools can lead to serious, irreversible damage to the eyes. Penetration and blunt trauma caused by these incidents are considered eye emergencies and they require immediate attention. If for any reason you do suffer an eye injury while doing yard work, go to an optometrist or the ER right away.

Keep your Eyes Safe With Help From Blink Eyewear

Get the most out of summer by enjoying it with clear and healthy vision. Preventative care of your eye health takes just a moment but it can lead to a better quality of life by keeping your eyes safe now and in the future. Keep your eyes safe with specialty eyewear for any occasion, including safety glasses, UV blocking sunglasses, and swim goggles, all of which are offered in both regular and prescription forms at Blink Eyewear in Calgary. Our team of optometrists can help you pick out which lenses are right for you and your lifestyle while keeping your prescription up to date. With three convenient locations in Crowfoot in NW Calgary, West Springs in SW Calgary, and Creekside in NW Calgary, Blink Eyewear can offer you great optometry services throughout the city. To book an appointment with Blink Eyewear, call 1-403-516-2292 or fill out the online contact form.


Schedule an eye exam with a Calgary eye doctor from Blink Optometry. Our optometrists will be able to tell you if you have an infection and can offer a prescription for treatments such as antibiotic drops or ointment.

No, UV blocking sunglasses will specify on them that they are UV blocking, often with a sticker on the lens. If the sunglasses don’t specify, they are only tinted and you will still be at risk of developing photokeratitis and other UV-related conditions.

Regular glasses do not function the same as prescription safety glasses. In fact, wearing your regular lenses during an activity that requires prescription safety glasses is even more dangerous, since your eyeglasses are not designed to withstand much impact and can expose your eyes to shattered glass.

Outstanding vision care across Calgary

Outstanding vision care across Calgary

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