Eyeglass Trends For Fall 2021

Eyeglass Trends For Fall 2021

With most everyone working from home, and meetings happening through video conferencing, it’s no surprise that statement eyewear has become even more popular than in years past. Many people foresee this “new normal'' continuing on in the post-pandemic world, so let this truly be a chance for your face and designer frames to shine on the teleconferencing screen!

With the trends moving away from 90’s inspired wire frames and settling solidly into the 70’s chunky and oversized frames, you can bet designers are sending out some of their best and boldest frames for Fall. Here are the top trends for Autumn:

Ombre Frames: No longer just for hair, ombre is making a big entrance onto the eyewear scene this Autumn. This look blends two colours, or multiple shades of a colour, usually fading from darkest to lightest. Ombre glasses are the ultimate trend for 2021 that successfully marries fun and professionalism.

70’s Inspired Retro Eyewear: It’s time to pull out our favourite trendsetting movies from the 1970s to motivate and stylize your look for Fall. Aviators have been a classic 70’s look that has never left the scene, but this year designers are releasing cat-eye-shaped frames and wayfarers which are reminiscent of the 50's and 60’s Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

Clear Glasses: Not an entirely new look, transparent eyewear is a hot look this fall. What’s best about choosing this type of frame is that you can choose any size, tint, shape, or combination of materials that suits your style while still looking on-trend with a transparent or entirely clear set of specs.

Oversized Eyewear: Pulling inspiration from the 70’s, oversized and chunky style frames are a must-have look for Autumn 2021. With innumerable colours, patterns, and shapes to choose from, these larger-than-life frames are a bold and fun statement for your everyday readers, blue light blockers, or all-day eyewear.

Choosing Your On-Trend Fall Eyeglasses

Whatever your style, the second half of 2021 brings forth some fun, classic, and chic styles for you to choose from. Whether you are rocking the runway or owning the Zoom screen, these frames are sure to make you look great.

If you are contemplating trying a new look this Fall, Blink Eyewear in Calgary has a huge selection of designer and fashion frames for you to try on and choose from. For something as important as what sits on your face, seeing, feeling, and trying them on in person is a must before buying. With three convenient locations to choose from, Crowfoot, West Springs and Creekside, you are sure to find that the optometrists at Blink deliver your look for Fall. Swing by at your convenience, or call the team at 403-516-2292 to book an appointment with an eye doctor.


Q: Can you buy non-prescription frames from an Optometrist?
A: Absolutely! At Blink Eyewear we provide frames for a variety of needs such as readers, blue light blockers, full-time wear, and non-prescription fashion frames. Whatever you need, our team can provide.

Q: Do blue light glasses work?
A: While the jury is out on the exact value of blue-light-blocking lenses, there is also no harm in trying them if you are worried about the increased screen time many of us are getting with working from home and watching more TV and movies for entertainment than before. Choosing a fun pair of blue light frames is a fun way to spruce up your look for Fall.

Q: Do I need to book an eye exam to use my benefits for eyewear?
A: Seeing your eye doctor for a yearly eye exam is always a good idea to maintain your vision health, but sometimes your benefits reset before it’s time for another exam. If that’s the case, contact the team at Blink Eyewear who can look into your specific plan to determine if/when they can be used for a new set of prescription eyeglasses.

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