Get Spooky With Your Eyeglasses This Halloween

Get Spooky With Your Eyeglasses This Halloween

Halloween is fun for the whole family! Whether you’re headed out to a Halloween party, going trick-or-treating, or handing out candy, make sure your costume isn’t going to negatively impact your eye health and that you’re making smart makeup choices for your eyes. If you want to avoid face makeup altogether, eyeglasses can be used to create a fun and recognizable costume. Some of the most iconic TV, movie, and comic book characters use eyeglasses in their character design and you can easily use this to your advantage for an easy and amusing costume.

What To Avoid To Keep Your Eye Safe At Halloween

Glitter Or Makeup Near The Eyes
Glitter is a super fun way of adding a little sparkle to your costume and face paint is a Halloween must for many people. While these are totally ok and safe to wear (so long as you don’t have allergies to them), unless the products specify otherwise, glitter and makeup should not be placed anywhere near your eyes. Glitter of all sizes is made of cut plastic, and if it gets in your eyes, glitter can cause eye irritation and scratched corneas. Halloween face paint, especially from low-priced retailers, tends to not be designed for sensitive skin and it can irritate your eyes or lead to an eye infection. Instead, use eye-friendly products such as eye shadow. And remember to take all of your makeup off at the end of the night to help avoid eye infections.

Coloured Contact Lenses From Costume Stores
There are coloured contact lenses available through optometry clinics and these can be very fun for changing a person’s eye colour or creating a unique look for a costume, but an optometry clinic is the only place you should get contact lenses from. Coloured contact lenses or special effects contact lenses (such as cat eyes) from costume shops, dollar stores, or other retailers that don’t specialize in eyewear can be very bad for eye health. Low-priced contact lenses from the store are not fitted to your eye and can be uncomfortable and these contact lenses are often made from cheap materials that put you at risk of damaging your eyes or developing an eye infection.

Iconic Characters With Eyeglasses

Harry Potter
Potentially one of the most recognizable eyeglasses-wearing characters is Harry Potter. All you need are some round glasses, a drawn-on scar, and a black robe and you’ll be instantly recognizable.

Where’s Waldo
Another iconic round eyeglasses character is the famous Waldo from his eye-spy-styled books. All you need are the frames and a striped red and white shirt and hat and you’ve got yourself an easy Halloween costume.

Clark Kent/Superman
Another super easy costume is Superman/Clark Kent. If you don’t want to commit to wearing tights and a cape all night, instead wear some pants and a button-up shirt with a Superman T-shirt underneath. Unbutton your shirt to show off the logo and throw on some Clark Kent-styled eyeglasses frames and you’re good to go.

Dwight Schrute
A pair of double-bridged eyeglasses is a must-have to pull off this famous Office character. Combine the eyeglasses with a brown suit and a middle part and you have a great excuse to show off your Dwight impressions all night long.

Edna Mode
A black bob wig, a stylish black outfit, and some oversized rounded eyeglasses are easy ways to transform yourself or your child into the style icon from Pixar’s Incredibles.

Everyone’s favourite teenage detective would be lost without her eyeglasses. No Velma costume is complete without a pair of dark-framed eyeglasses, a red skirt, and an orange sweater… and maybe a box of Scooby Snacks.

If you plan on wearing your real eyeglasses this Halloween or if you wear eyeglasses throughout the year, make sure you take care of them the right way.

Get Halloween Ready With Eyeglasses From Blink Eyewear

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Discomfort from contacts can be caused by several factors ranging from dry eyes, to poor fit, to improper care, and more. If your eyes are irritated, book an appointment with a Blink Eyewear optometrist so they can check for an eye infection and determine the cause of your discomfort.

Eyeglasses are a fashion statement and there’s no rule that says you can’t wear them just because you don’t need a prescription. If you want a pair of frames with non-prescription lenses, Blink Eyewear can accommodate that. We also recommend computer eyeglasses and blue light-blocking eyeglasses for anyone who frequently uses screens, and you can get these eyeglasses with any frame you like. Learn more about blue light-blocking glasses by reading 4 Simple Tips to Prevent Digital Eye Strain.

To find the perfect pair of eyeglasses, there are several factors you must consider including your current eye health and visual acuity, your lifestyle, your face shape, your eye/hair/skin colour, and of course your personal style. The opticians at Blink Eyewear can help you find a pair of eyeglasses that are both functional and stylish.

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