How Does An Optometrist Diagnose And Treat Macular Pucker?

How Does An Optometrist Diagnose And Treat Macular Pucker?

The macula is the part of your eye in the centre of the retina that is responsible for focusing and processing vision. It manages our central vision, the fine details of what we view, and most of our colour vision. The macula has a high concentration of light-detecting, photoreceptor cells. These cells transmit signals to our brain that are processed as images. When the macula is impaired, straight-ahead vision is affected.

One of the causes of impairment of your central vision can be macular pucker. This can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam and your optometrist can recommend a treatment plan to avoid more severe vision loss. Here is what you should know about macular pucker.

Your Calgary Optometry Team for Macular Pucker

Macular pucker is an eye condition that causes a part of the retina to pull and wrinkle, creating what your eye doctor will see as a pucker. This is called an epiretinal membrane and it is caused when the nerve cells in the macula grow inside the eye, causing pulling and contracting and leading to distorted vision. Anyone can be prone to developing macular pucker, but it can also be caused by injury, a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes or uveitis, and can happen after cataract surgery.

Your optometrist has a few different ways to detect and diagnose macular eye pucker:

  1. Patients will notice a change in their vision, most typically with their decreased ability to make out fine details in objects.
  2. Patients will often see that lines that should be straight will become distorted, or wavy in appearance.
  3. Your eye doctor will use an ophthalmoscope to look inside of the eye. This helps them view and diagnose the formation of epiretinal membranes. 
  4. Your optometrist may use optical coherence tomography, also known as OCT for short, to further evaluate the epiretinal membrane.

If a macular pucker is detected, there are a few options available for you to explore with your eye doctor. Although there is no ‘cure’ for this condition, there are ways to monitor and treat macular pucker should it begin to interfere with your vision.

Frequent Eye Exams. First and foremost, your optometrist will want to monitor your eye health more frequently to monitor any changes to the macula.

Vitrectomy Eye Surgery. For more severe cases, your eye doctor will recommend a surgery to remove the vitreous fluid and epiretinal membranes that are responsible for the macular pucker. This procedure allows the macula to lie flat against the back of the eye again and should improve your vision.

Calgary Eye Exams for Macular Pucker 

Often this type of condition can go undetected for a number of years, leading to more serious vision impairments down the road. The best option for protecting your eyesight is through early detection and treatment of any eye conditions such as macular pucker.

Booking a comprehensive eye exam with your Calgary optometrist will ensure that macular pucker is caught early and monitored by a professional and thorough team of eye doctors. At Blink Eyewear, you can expect attentive care from our meticulous and experienced team. With three locations throughout Calgary, you can be sure to find a convenient site near you; Crowfoot and Creekside in the NW, and West Springs in the SW. Fill out the contact form below, or call the location that suits you best to speak with someone from the Blink team.


Q: Is surgery for macular pucker a good idea?
A: Fortunately, most cases of macular pucker do not require surgery. Your Calgary eye doctor will most likely want to closely monitor your vision and ensure that the condition does not progress. If it does progress and begins to affect your vision, surgery may be your best option to restore your eyesight and slow the progression of vision loss.

Q: Does macular pucker cause vision loss?
A: Although uncommon, a severe case of macular pucker can cause vision loss. Your Calgary optometrist can monitor and treat your vision accordingly.

Q: Where can I find an optometry clinic in Calgary?
A: Blink Eyewear has three locations throughout Calgary, Crowfoot and Creekside in the NW, and West Springs in the SW for all of your vision testing, treatment, and eyewear needs. Visit the locations page to find the clinic nearest you.

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