How To Alleviate Dry Eyes Symptoms At The Source

Living With Debilitating Dry Eyes?

Air conditioning is banned in your car, and you might even live with the frigid temperatures in your vehicle to avoid the dry heat escaping your vents if you can even see without blinking 1000 times that is. Avoid your blow dryer like the plague, your contact lenses went unopened and have expired; For those living with the merciless itching, burning, and redness of dry eye symptoms this has become routine. Not to mention the bulk of eye drops littered in your console, your purse, your vanity, and under your bathroom sink that never seems to completely relieve your symptoms. Sound familiar? You’re likely one of nearly 6 million Canadian adults estimated to be living with Dry Eyes, according to a 2019 survey by The Ocular Surface Journal.

Fortunately, there are effective treatment options available for relief from dry eyes including the latest in dry eye care management that prevents dry eye symptoms at the source.


The 4 Unmistakable Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

  • The unignorable feeling of something caught in your eye
  • Eyes feel tired even when you’re well-rested
  • Dry, burning, or itchy eyes 
  • Clouded vision, incessant blinking to clear it up
  • Sometimes, teary wet or leaky eyes (brought on by wind/ AC, excessive heat from fans, etc ...)

Conventional Treatment for Dry eyes

The first step to relieving dry eyes is to book an appointment with a Calgary Optometrist that has experience with dry eye care management to diagnose your condition and discuss options. Did you know that Dry Eye Syndrome is more prevalent among women than men and persons aged 55–64 years? Did you also know that during the winter months, the moisture is further lost from the outside air, and cranking the heat in our homes limits our humidity, creating a cold Sahara-like environment. Regular optometrist appointments are a vital step in dry eye prevention as we age, and as more people work from home. Keeping up with regular optometrist appointments can also help catch symptoms before they spiral out of control. 

Dry eye syndrome is chronic and cannot be cured, but the relief of dry eye symptoms can be achieved through:

  • Artificial tears
  • Limiting screen use
  • Punctal plugs
  • Gels and ointments 
  • Ruling out underlying systemic diseases
  • Diet adjustments 
  • Steroid prescriptions

And there are more advanced treatment options that you can choose from!

See the Light with IPL & RF Dry Eye Treatments

By now, you’ve might’ve tried all the recommended and so-called best eye drops and treatments for dry eyes. It’s time to get a fresh perspective with “REVITAL- EYES,” a new, revolutionary therapy option. Lumenis Optima™ Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment and EndyMed 3DEEP™ Radio Frequency (RF) for Dry Eye Syndrome provide long-lasting sweet relief. Plus, this breakthrough treatment provides amazing anti-aging benefits like treating fine lines and wrinkles- at the same time! Break up your dependency with artificial tears, and embrace contact lenses once again! 

In just a few quick 30-minute sessions and zero to no downtime, these safe and gentle light-based and radio frequency treatments will:

  • Produce long-lasting and effective results.
  • Provide the benefits between sessions, and even instant relief.
  • Require minimal downtime (most patients return to their daily activities immediately following the procedure).
  • Hydrate and moisturize your eyes to protect against our cold and dry climate.
  • As an added benefit, they will improve fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and stimulate collagen production, creating more youthful-looking eyes with “REVITAL- EYES.”

Worth noting, Lumenis Optima™ IPL Treatment is best for fair to medium skin-toned patients. For medium to dark skin tones, best results are usually achieved from our EndyMed 3DEEP™ Radio Frequency (RF) Treatments and or in combination with Lumenis Optima™ IPL. 

Learn More About IPL Dry Eye Treatment 

A Tearful and Final Goodbye To Dry Eyes

Want to wear contacts again, and ditch the artificial tears and warm compresses? Ready to get back to your normal without having to think about dry eyes? Talk to your dry eye care professional about the best options for you. If you think IPL and RF dry eye treatments may be right for you, contact Blink Eyewear for your no-obligation consultation. 

Visit us at Blink Eyewear at our convenient NW Crowfoot, NW Creekside, or SW West Springs Calgary locations, or call 1-403-516-2292 for the very best in designer and affordable frames and eye care treatment for the whole family!



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