How To Choose Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Choosing the perfect pair of contact lenses, especially for dry eyes can be challenging, and we don’t want anyone telling you that dry eye sufferers cannot wear contact lenses! You just have to do some due diligence and find the right pair for you, because contact lenses are super convenient, customizable, and adaptable.

Continue reading to learn about the variety of contact lens varieties that are specifically designed for dry eyes and the most important variables to consider when choosing contact lenses for dry eyes. 

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Options For Eyewear

You may think your options for corrective eyewear are limited if you suffer from dry eyes. Dry eyes can make everyday tasks challenging and uncomfortable but you can opt for contact lenses that are safe, easy, healthy, and comfortable. Finding the perfect pair of contacts will provide a full field of vision, freedom to participate in sports and activities, and let you live a life unencumbered by glasses. Understanding the options for contact lenses will prepare you to discuss your lifestyle and vision needs with your optometrist, select the best contact lenses for you, and give you a new outlook on life.

The Best Options For Dry Eyes 

Daily Disposable

Disposable contact lenses are considered more comfortable and a healthier option for people with dry eyes. They are designed to keep your eyes lubricated and refreshed and are replaced often to avoid build-up on your lenses. Keep in mind that Daily Disposables can be more expensive than longer wearing lenses.

Oxygen Permeable

Certain types of contact lenses can “breathe” because they are oxygen permeable. Oxygen permeable contact lenses are also known as “sport” or “daily-wear” contact lenses. They let oxygen into the cornea while allowing your eyes to stay moist by retaining moisture. 

Soft VS Hard

Soft contact lenses are a better choice for those suffering from dry eyes. Made from materials that hold water and allow oxygen to pass through the lens, these are flexible, easy to apply, and more comfortable.

Water Content

The water content levels of different types of contacts can vary anywhere from 40% to 70%. A common misconception is that higher water content is better fit for patients with dry eyes. This is not always the case. If the water content is too high, eyes may be prone to dehydrating faster, and this could make dry eye symptoms worse. Your optometrist can help you determine the best water level for your dry eyes.

Your optometrist will review each of these variables with you and help you determine the best contact lens option for you.

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Brands of Contact Lenses Featured at Blink Eyewear

At Blink Eyewear, we carry a wide selection of contact lens options to meet the needs of every patient. Two of the brands we recommend for patients with dry eyes are 1-Day Acuvue ® and Dailies Total 1 ® Water Gradient Contact Lenses. Our optometrists will determine the best fit for you based on your vision requirements, the shape and health of your eyes, and your lifestyle needs.

Find The Perfect Contact Lenses For You

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right contact lenses. Understanding the components of comfort for dry eye patients helps inform your decision. A comprehensive eye exam allows your optometrist to assess the shape and health of your eyes and help you select the right contact lenses to help you achieve optimal vision.  For more information, check out our Contact Lenses Guide or book an appointment to learn more about choosing the right contact lens for your needs.


Q: Why do my eyes get dry while wearing contacts?

A: It could be that:

  • You aren’t blinking enough while focusing on a screen. 
  • You don’t use eye drops or artificial tears when you should be. 
  • Or that the type of contact lenses aren’t suitable for your needs.

Q: How do you soothe dry eyes while wearing contacts?

A: Artificial tears from eye drops can lubricate the cornea of your eyes and provide refreshing relief for dry eye symptoms. Ask your optometrist for recommendations of drops that are compatible with your lenses.

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