How to Prepare Your Child for Their Eye Exam

Is your kid due for an eye exam? Here’s what to expect from this appointment and how our team of highly qualified optometrists can help ensure clear vision and optimal eye health for your entire family.

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure your child’s health is in excellent condition, but it’s often hard to decipher when your child has vision problems. That’s why regular visits to your kid’s optometrist is so important. 

However, there are some warning signs you can watch out for while at home, that  may indicate your child is suffering from a vision problem. These include: 

  • Straining their eyes to see better
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Excessive tearing and light sensitivity
  • Avoidance of activities such as reading or homework
  • Holding a book too close or sitting too close to the TV

If you do notice your child displaying any of the above symptoms, it’s important to book an eye exam with your optometrist as soon as possible. 

Our Calgary Optometrists Can Help Protect Your Kid’s Vision 

At our Calgary eye clinic, our team of highly qualified optometrists provide comprehensive services for adults and kids, including eye exams, contact lens fittings, emergency eye care, and more to protect your family’s eye health and ensure a lifetime of clear and comfortable vision. 

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Child for an Eye Exam 

One of the most reliable ways to keep your child’s eyes in good condition is by scheduling regular eye exams with the optometrist. This helps in the prompt detection and management of vision problems, keeping your little one’s eyesight clear for success in and outside of the classroom. 

If your kid is due for an eye exam, here are three simple tips to prepare them to ensure all goes smoothly: 

1. Keep Your Child Informed 

It is always advisable to tell your child beforehand that they have an upcoming eye exam scheduled. Their doctor-related fears are often the product of a lack of communication and adequate preparation, so to reduce their anxiety, you may want to show them pictures of the: 

  • Eye clinic
  • Team of eye doctors
  • Instruments that will be used 

You may even want to consider bringing your child into the clinic before the scheduled appointment. This will allow them to get used to the surroundings and help relax them prior to their eye exam. 

2. Prepare Yourself Beforehand 

As a parent, it’s also important to ensure you are well prepared for your child’s eye exam. Prior to the appointment, you may want to call your chosen eye clinic and discuss their offered services, particularly regarding children’s eye care. 

This will help establish a rapport, which may help build your child’s trust with the eye doctor. In addition to this, make sure you bring the following to the appointment: 

  • Family history of eye diseases
  • List of medications your child is currently taking
  • Any questions you may have for the eye doctor 

Preparing yourself beforehand means that you will be able to provide greater support to your child and have all your concerns answered. 


3. Stay By Your Child’s Side During the Visit 

It’s very important that you stay by your child’s side throughout the eye exam to calm their nerves. After the appointment, you can also help them choose their eyeglasses, if any refractive errors are detected. This will make the entire experience more enjoyable for them, ensuring better cooperation for the next appointment. 

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