How To Take Care Of Your Contact Lenses In Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Contact Lenses In Winter

Proper contact lens care is important all year long, but once winter hits, many people with dry eyes or fall allergies have a hard time wearing their contact lenses comfortably. In order to account for this, you will need to take extra care to ensure that you are following your optometrist’s recommendations to keep your contact lenses clean, hydrated, and safe to wear. Make sure that you stay on top of your contact lens cleaning routine even as the days get shorter and remember these tips to help keep your eyes comfortable while wearing contact lenses.

5 Ways To Care For Your Contact Lenses

  1. Clean Your Contact Lenses
    It’s always important to clean your contact lenses when you’re done wearing them (unless you have daily disposable contact lenses), but for people who experience winter allergies, you need to be extra careful. If your contact lenses feel grainy or if your eyes are irritated, you should take your contact lenses out and clean them instead of trying to get a whole day of wear with irritated eyes. Remember to rinse them well with contact lens solution if you plan on putting them back in after cleaning, as contact lens cleaner is not meant to go in the eye.
  2. Don’t Turn Up The Heat
    Even though it’s getting colder outside, hot air blowing through your house can contribute to dry contact lenses. Neither moving air nor heat is good for contact lenses, so sitting by the fireplace can also dry out contact lenses. Instead, pull up the blankets and put on a large, cozy scarf to stay warm and comfortable all winter long. It’s especially important to avoid cranking up the heat if you wear contacts and have dry eyes.
  3. Only Wear Contact Lenses For The Recommended Length Of Time
    We know that things can get busy in the winter; running the kids around, going Christmas shopping, trying to do errands before it’s dark outside, and more. Despite the busy season, don’t try to wear your contact lenses for longer than recommended. If you don’t have time to order new contact lenses, you still need to throw out your old ones and wear your eyeglasses until you can make the time to pick up your new contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses for longer than recommended can cause an eye infection.
  4. Don’t Sleep With Contact Lenses In
    Most people know not to go to bed with their contact lenses in, but did you know you also aren’t supposed to nap with them in either? We know a good weekend afternoon nap on a gloomy winter day feels amazing, but if you feel like that’s where you’re headed, take your contact lenses out first. Sleeping with contact lenses in increases your risk of developing eye infections due to a buildup of proteins on the lens and a lack of oxygen to the eye.
  5. Protect Your Eyes
    Even though winter can be fairly grey and chilly, there are still UV rays that can damage your eyes. If you don’t want to wear UV-blocking sunglasses when it’s dismal outside, consider UV-blocking contact lenses. Although these contact lenses only protect the iris and pupil area of the eye from UV rays, they can still help prevent the development of eye conditions later in life.

Contact Lenses From Blink Eyewear

Whether you’re interested in your first pair of contact lenses or you’re a seasoned contact lens wearer looking to get a new pack, Blink Eyewear can help. We offer contact lens eye exams and fittings and we can order whatever contact lenses you need. Our skilled and helpful staff will teach new contact lens wearers how to take contact lenses in and out and how to properly care for them.

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In most cases, contact lenses do not cause dry eyes, but they can exacerbate the symptoms. This is especially true towards the end of the day when patients experience symptoms related to dry eyes such as blurry vision, itchiness, or a gritty sensation.

If you’re new to contacts, wear your contact lenses for a short time to start, no more than 8 hours. Once you are used to your contact lenses, you can typically wear them between 8 and 16 hours. If you have long-wear or extended-wear contact lenses you can wear them for up to 6 nights and 7 days, however, these lenses are often less comfortable and are not recommended for those with eye sensitivity or other conditions.

 If your eyes are irritated by your contact lenses, come back to Blink Eyewear. Your contact lenses may need an adjustment, but there can be other causes of discomfort that require other solutions. For example, you may need lubricating eye drops to ensure your contact lenses are adequately hydrated. To learn more about potential irritants, read Why Are My Contact Lenses So Uncomfortable?

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