How Your Optometrist Diagnoses And Treats Floaters

How Your Optometrist Diagnoses And Treats Floaters

Ever wondered what those microscopic fibres that occasionally drift about in your field of vision are? Those specks are called eye floaters and are essentially tiny shadows created by your vitreous (a gel-like substance in your eye) and your retina. While eye floaters are generally harmless, a sudden onset can be indicative of a severe eye condition.

If you are seeing more eye floaters than usual, see an optometrist immediately一especially if you are experiencing other symptoms such as flashes of light. You could be experiencing a torn retina or a complication from eye surgery. 

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Causes Of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters can be a symptom of an eye emergency. Inflammation in the uvea layers, internal eye bleeding, a torn retina, and complications from eye surgeries and eye medications can all cause a sudden increase of eye floaters. In the event of an eye emergency, eye floaters are probably the least of your concerns. See an optometrist immediately to get your eye emergency treated; your vision could be at risk. 

What is more likely is that the increase in eye floaters is simply a result of age-related changes in your eyes. As you get older, the vitreous becomes more liquid and begins to pull away from the eyeball’s interior surface. This process may sometimes block some of the light passing through the eye, casting small shadows on your retina. 

Though eye floaters can detract from your vision, they are generally harmless as long as they are caused by age-related changes. Your optometrist, however, can still administer a number of treatments to reduce eye floaters in your eyes, significantly improving your vision. 

Diagnosing And Treating Your Eye Floaters 

Diagnosis and treatment for eye floaters depend on their cause. If your eye floaters are caused by an eye emergency, your eye doctor will most likely address the more severe issue first. If you are experiencing an increase in eye floaters without an immediately obvious cause, you will receive a comprehensive eye exam. Dilating your eyes will allow your eye doctor to get a better view of your vitreous, and accordingly, get a better idea of the cause of your eye floaters. 

Assuming that your eye floaters are caused by your natural aging process, your eye doctor can do the following to reduce their frequency:

  • Surgically remove the vitreous: An ophthalmologist can replace your ageing vitreous with a synthetic replacement. Because this solution will retain its shape over time, the frequency of eye floaters will be drastically reduced. 
  • Disrupt the floaters with a laser: A laser is aimed at the eye floaters in the vitreous, breaking them up and making them less noticeable. The effectiveness of this treatment is mixed, as some patients do not experience any improvement in their vision.  

Do note, however, that treatments for eye floaters are uncommon. That is because eye floaters are usually benign and rarely impair one’s vision to the point they will need treatment to see better. 

Eye Floaters And Eye Emergencies Treatment In Calgary 

A surge of eye floaters always warrants a visit to your eye doctor. While this phenomenon may be simply a consequence of your vitreous pulling away from its original position, it may also be indicative of a much more serious condition, such as a torn retina. Do not assume that your eye floaters are a harmless outcome of your natural aging process. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

But even age-related eye floaters can be problematic when they begin impairing your vision. If your condition is frustrating, discuss with your eye doctor about possible treatments, including surgery, to reduce the frequency of eye floaters. 

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Q: Are there any factors that increase the risk of eye floaters?
A: In addition to old age, nearsightedness, eye trauma, diabetes, eye surgery, and eye inflammation can also cause an increase of eye floaters.  

Q: How do I reduce eye floaters?
A: You can reduce the frequency of eye floaters even as you get older by maintaining healthy habits that are beneficial to your vision, such as eating a balanced diet and resting your eyes often when working in front of a computer screen. 

Q: What does the vitreous do?
A: The gel-like sac’s primary function is to keep the centre of the eye clear so that light can pass onto the retina and helps maintain your eyes’ spherical shape.

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