Make Your Child's Visit To The Eye Doctor A Good Experience With These Tips

Make Your Child's Visit To The Eye Doctor A Good Experience With These Tips

Very few children are excited to go to the eye doctor, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an easy experience. Children’s eye care is extremely important as many eye issues can develop or are most easily treated in early childhood. It’s a good  idea to get children used to, and even excited for, a trip to the eye doctor.

This excitement typically starts at home, with the use of positive language and proper preparation for an outing to the optometrist. Of course, the child isn’t the only one going to the exam, which is why it’s just as important that the parent who is taking them is also in a good frame of mind.

Children pick up on emotions better than you might realize, so being stressed, nervous, or frustrated will make your child feel all of those things too. To avoid this, try these 4 recommendations.

4 Ways To Make Your Child’s Eye Exam Experience Better

  1. Make Sure Everyone Is Rested And Fed. There’s no better way to start an appointment of any kind than by avoiding the two biggest causes of a grumpy attitude: fatigue and hunger. This isn’t just advice for children, as adults should try to make sure they’re well fed and rested before a day of medical exams or errands too.
  2. Separate Different Exams. If you have several children who need eye exams, consider scheduling them separately. Even though it may seem to make sense to have them all done in one shot, the waiting around and the long period of time spent at a doctor’s office can leave everyone grouchy and frustrated. Try not to schedule your own eye exam on the same day as your child’s so you don’t have to worry about caring for your child during your own examination .
  3. Be In The Room For The Eye Exam. Unless your child wants to be independent and have you wait outside or if you have another child to take care of, you can come into the room. Some children who are shy might feel more comfortable interacting with the eye doctor if their parent is close by. The child will likely be asked questions about their interests, hobbies, what they do in school and more, and the child should answer these independently so the optometrist can understand them better. Being in the room allows you to know what the child has said and you can correct any wrong information or provide further insight when the exam is complete, particularly if your child is struggling in school, as this can be related to vision issues.
  4. Get Your Child Excited For Their Eye Exam. Kids are full of questions, so let them think of things to ask the eye doctor. Why do people have different coloured eyes? Where do your eyelids go when your eyes are open? What are eyes made of? Encourage them to ask questions of their eye doctor or do a little research beforehand and find some fun facts. Participating in these activities will help them see that eye exams are important and can be fun. Since eye exams aren’t painful or uncomfortable like some other medical-based exams, there should be no negative associations of going to the eye doctor. To help your child feel positive about their upcoming eye exam, try not to use negative language such as saying you hope they don’t need glasses or that you hope that nothing is wrong. This will make your child worry.

Make Every Visit To The Eye Doctor A Good One With Blink Eyewear

Children’s eye care can be simple and enjoyable when approached with a positive attitude and some encouragement. If you’re looking to book your child’s eye exam in Calgary, call Blink Eyewear at 1-403-516-2292. The staff at Blink Eyewear test for more than just near and distant vision and refractive errors, we also test for binocular vision (how the eyes work together), focusing, peripheral vision, colour vision, hand-eye coordination, and tracking, to make sure your child is developing the proper learning and mobility skills. When you book with Blink Eyewear, you are getting more than an eye exam: you are building a lasting relationship for consistent, high-quality care. Visit us at one of our convenient Calgary locations, either at Creekside or Crowfoot in the NW or at West Springs in the SW.


Q: When should I take my child for their first eye exam?
A: You should schedule your child’s first eye exam when they’re 6 months old, as well as exams when they are 3 years old and 5 years old. Having these early exams is vital for detecting conditions that develop young, such as retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye) and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Q: Does my child need an eye exam even if they passed the school’s vision screening?
A: Yes. The vision screening administered by the school is not comprehensive and does not track  your child’s functional vision or the health of their eyes.

Q: How long do children’s eyes keep changing?
A: The pathways formed between the eyes and brain largely develop until about age 8, but eyes can change at any point in a person’s life. People can develop different eye conditions as they age, such as cataracts or presbyopia. This is why it’s important to schedule eye exams yearly or every two years, depending on age.

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