Need New Eyeglasses? Eyeglass Trends For Fall 2022

Need New Eyeglasses? Eyeglass Trends For Fall 2022

Fall is here and it’s time to switch up your look. As we swap out shorts for pants and tank tops for sweaters, it’s time to change your eyeglasses frames as well. Even though it’s time to put your sunglasses away, that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear fun frames that show off your style and personality. Find your eyeglasses look this season by mixing and matching frame shape, size, and colour. For all the fall lovers out there, or for anyone ready to shake up their look with a pair of trendy frames, now is the perfect time to dive into these hot new trends for fall of 2022.

Look Good This Fall With These Eyeglasses Trends!

The Cat Eye
From the 50s to the 70s, retro shapes are back! This hot trend for women’s eyeglasses this fall is the iconic cat eye. This look offers a soft roundness paired with a point at the end that helps to give the face shape and lift. Unlike the original cat eye of the 50s, the modern cat eye is not quite as narrow, which offers a more balanced look for a variety of face shapes. Also unlike the original cat eye frames, you can find lots of thin wire frames instead of thick frames to create a delicate and sophisticated look.

Double Bridged Eyeglasses
Another popular vintage eyeglasses shape is making its way back into the mainstream. Vintage-styled glasses that have a wire above the nose bridge are back in style, but unlike the original squared style of the 70s, the lenses come in all shapes! This makes it easier to find this vintage look in an eyeglasses shape that compliments your face. And this look isn’t just trending for men’s fashion like the originals; women are getting on board as well. This gender-neutral eyeglasses look isn’t just trendy, it’s also practical; the added wire on top offers extra support. Whether you like a vintage look or you want some extra security, these eyeglasses are for you.

Large Frames
Harkening back to the 70s once again, big frames are back in a big way. These eye-catching eyeglasses are a simple way to make a statement without committing to a bold frame colour. Many of the popular large frames right now have square or rectangular frames instead of rounded ones, really channelling the 70s and 80s vibes.

Crystal Lenses
These durable plastic frames are a fun way to add colour to your look without it being overpowering. Crystal frames come in more subdued colours and are somewhat see-through. One very popular form of crystal glasses is a completely clear frame. This look is the ultimate neutral and goes with any outfit.

This style of eyeglasses frames has remained fairly popular over the years, but it just feels so right for fall. These eyeglasses are a lovely neutral that still have a pattern to them, making them versatile and fun. Tortoiseshell eyeglasses frames are a combination of black and brown, making them the perfect fall tones for the cozy season. Although the browns in tortoise frames can vary, they always pair well with fall tones like burnt orange, amber, and maroon.


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