The Importance Of Kids' Back To School Eye Exams

The Importance Of Kids' Back To School Eye Exams

Did you know that 61% of kids with vision problems have never seen an eye doctor? This statistic, combined with the fact that vision accounts for up to 80% of their learning, means that kids are often not getting the most out of their education due to poor vision.

Do not let your child be part of this statistic.

Not only can poor vision detract from your child’s learning, it also negatively affects their social development by barring them from fully participating in extracurricular activities. A child who cannot see well is a child who lacks confidence,  is likely lethargic, and is precluded from enjoying the best time of their life. 

To ensure that your child sees to their fullest potential, entrust them to the care of our optometrists at Blink Eyewear. Serving Creekside, West Springs, Crowfoot, and children across Calgary, Blink Eyewear has a long history of performing kids’ eye exams. A timely back-to-school eye exam allows our eye doctors to correct your child’s vision before school starts and also to detect more significant eye conditions.

Why Your Kids Need A Back To School Eye Exam 

Vision plays a central role in your child’s education and development. Here are 6 reasons why a back to school eye exam is necessary for your child:

  • Your child cannot learn without proper vision: Both nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) can significantly impede your child’s learning experience. A child who cannot see well from afar will not be able to discern what is written on the blackboard. A child whose vision is blurry up close will have enormous difficulty doing their required readings. Poor eyesight is tightly correlated with poor academic performance. 
  • Your child cannot fully enjoy their social life: Your child needs to feel included and accepted to thrive and learn the social expectations that they will carry into adulthood. Poor vision can prevent them from participating in activities that facilitate bonding with their peers. A child who has trouble seeing the ball or distinguishing his team from the other is unlikely to be fully engaged.   
  • Your child’s vision is constantly developing: Children’s eyesight improves every year, and these changes are especially noticeable between ages 3 to 6. A back to school eye exam is necessary to confirm that your child’s vision development is on the right track and to identify and resolve any eye conditions that can derail it. 
  • You cannot rely on your child to self-diagnose their poor vision: Your child relies on you to advocate for their vision development and potential eye conditions. They are too young to understand or notice that their eyesight should be getting better every year. They may even think of refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism) as part of normal vision. This is why so many parents are not aware that their children cannot see well. 
  • The school’s vision screening is not sufficient: Some schools organize vision screenings to diagnose myopia. While helpful, these screenings are not effective for identifying hyperopia, measuring eye tracking and focusing, and diagnosing double vision. Relying solely on vision screenings to track your child’s vision development does not provide a comprehensive picture of your child’s vision and eye health.  
  • A comprehensive eye exam can detect more severe eye conditions: A timely back to school eye exam can test for refractive errors, but it can also discover more medically significant eye conditions. Children are susceptible to double vision, excessive tearing, eyelid drooping, and conjunctivitis, among other eye problems. 

A comprehensive back to school eye exam can allay every single one of your worries regarding your child’s vision and ensure that their vision development is on the right path. Even if your child develops a more severe ocular condition, a back to school eye exam is sure to diagnose it.

Ready For Back To School With Healthy Vision

Having your child’s eyes checked by a qualified optometrist every summer can be essential to their education and development. A child with poor vision cannot learn properly and is unlikely to fully integrate with their peers. 

A back to school eye exam is the only way to confirm that your child is seeing as well as they should be. You cannot rely on your child to self-report their vision problems. The same goes for the school’s annual vision screening, which is only useful for identifying the most obvious eye conditions. 

If you are looking for an eye clinic near you in Calgary to perform your child’s annual back to school eye exam, look no further than Blink Eyewear. Our eye doctors, many of whom are parents themselves, understand the importance of children’s eye exams and are committed to caring and monitoring your child’s eyesight well into their adulthood. Call us at 403-516-2292 or fill out the online contact form to book your child’s first back to school eye exam at any of our convenient Calgary locations.


Q: How often should I have my child’s vision checked?
A: You should have your child’s vision checked by an optometrist at least once every year. 

Q: When can my child start wearing contact lenses?
A: Younger kids may not be responsible enough to properly care for their contact lenses. Please consult us if you are considering contact lenses for your child. 

Q: Does my child need an eye exam even if they passed the school’s vision screening?
A: Yes. The vision screening administered by the school is not comprehensive and does not track  your child’s functional vision or the health of their eyes. 

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