The Importance of Regular Diabetic Retinal Exams

A comprehensive digital retinal exam allows your Calgary optometrist to accurately evaluate the back of your eye and detect certain eye diseases early on, allowing for more effective treatment and protection against vision loss.

During your eye exam, your Calgary eye doctor can perform a digital retinal imaging exam, which allows for a more detailed assessment of your retina and a better chance of detecting eye diseases in their early stages. This is critical because early treatment can slow down the disease progression, or treat it altogether. 

Some of the eye diseases your optometrist can detect during a digital retinal exam include: 

  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Glaucoma 
  • Retinal detachment 
  • Age-related macular degeneration 
  • High blood pressure 

Our Calgary Optometrists Provide Comprehensive Eye Exams and Digital Retinal Imaging to Protect Your Eye Health 

At Blink Eyewear, our highly qualified eye doctors use cutting-edge digital imaging technology to assess the health of your eyes and detect the presence of serious eye diseases, such as retinal detachments or diabetic retinopathy. 

We can help diagnose these conditions at an early stage, when they can be treated or managed successfully, before leading to vision loss. 

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What to Expect From a Diabetic Retinal Exam 

Diabetic eye exam goes further than a comprehensive eye exam and includes tests to monitor the retina and blood vessels inside the eye. During this test, your eye doctor will place drops in your eyes to widen (dilate) the pupils.  

This will allow them to better see the back of your eye and look for possible signs of diabetic retinopathy, including: 

  • Leaky blood vessels in the eye
  • Fatty deposits
  • Changes to the blood vessels
  • Swelling
  • Damage of nerve tissue 

Due to the dilation, you may experience blurry vision for several hours after the exam. You will be instructed to protect your eyes from sunlight and have a family member drive you to and from the appointment. 


How Often Should I Get a Diabetic Eye Exam? 

Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness that occurs when the blood vessels inside the eye start to leak. If left untreated, the leakages will worsen over time and lead to vision loss, or even blindness. Early detection through a diabetic eye exam and subsequent treatment can often save part or all of your eyesight. 

It is recommended that: 

  • Patients with type 1 diabetes should have a dilated retinal exam within five years of diagnosis and they should be screened annually after that. 
  • Patients with type 2 diabetes should get a dilated retinal exam as soon as they have been diagnosed to determine whether or not they already have eye problems. Your eye doctor can recommend how often you will require a retinal exam. 
  • When possible, women with diabetes who are planning to get pregnant should consult with their eye doctor beforehand. You should schedule a diabetic eye exam within the first three months of development, and another exam a year after giving birth. 

Your Calgary Eye Doctor Can Tailor a Diabetic Eye Exam Schedule for You

If your eye doctor notices any abnormalities during the eye exam, they might recommend having your eyes checked more than once a year. Only your optometrist can tailor a diabetic eye exam schedule specifically for you. 

Your eyes can be one of the first parts of your body to be affected by diabetes. However, maintaining a regular routine of diabetic eye exams will ensure that any problems are detected and treated early, ensuring lifelong and healthy vision. 

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