The Role Of Your Eye Doctor In LASIK Surgery Co-Management

The Role Of Your Eye Doctor In LASIK Surgery Co-Management

LASIK surgery is a great option for people with refractive errors to restore their vision and remove the need for corrective lenses. LASIK surgery is an incredibly common and low-risk surgery that many Canadians opt for. The surgery itself is performed by an ophthalmologist and not by your usual eye doctor, but you will need to meet with your eye doctor to secure a referral for LASIK and you will need to continue seeing your eye doctor after the surgery. Although your eye doctor does not perform the actual surgery, they are an invaluable part of the process.

Your Eye Doctor’s Involvement in LASIK Surgery

Determine Your Eligibility
Before you can be approved for LASIK eye surgery, your eye doctor needs to perform a series of tests to ensure you are eligible for this procedure. In order to qualify for LASIK eye surgery, you need to have sufficient corneal thickness, shape, and health. To measure your cornea (the clear outer covering of the eye), your eye doctor will perform a corneal topography test that maps the surface of your eye. This is incredibly important, as LASIK eye surgery will require a flap to be cut into the cornea and the cornea will then need to be reshaped to alter the way light enters the eye. If the cornea is not thick enough or is too irregular in its shape, you will not be eligible for LASIK.

To qualify for LASIK eye surgery you will also need to have your eyes tested for dry eye syndrome, as dry eyes can limit the healing process. Your eye doctor will also assess your intraocular pressure and will look for any other eye abnormalities that may complicate the procedure and disqualify you as a LASIK candidate.

Measure Your Refractive Error
Before you receive a referral for LASIK, your optometrist needs to determine that it will benefit you and correct any refractive error you may have. Some refractive errors are severe enough that LASIK eye surgery can help improve your vision but you will still need to wear eyeglasses. You and your eye doctor can discuss how LASIK surgery will affect your vision.

Explain The Process
Before you go for LASIK, your eye doctor will explain the procedure to you, including any required preparation, potential risks, how long the procedure may take, and what you can expect during recovery. Your eye doctor can answer any questions before you receive LASIK so that you are prepared for your LASIK exam and know what to expect.

Handle Post-Operative Care
After your LASIK surgery, your eye doctor will monitor your recovery. You will need to return to your eye doctor for a follow-up examination to ensure you are healing properly. Your eye doctor will also help you with any necessary post-procedure treatment you may need, such as hydrating eye drops or anti-bacterial eye drops. You should continue visiting your eye doctor for your annual eye exams after your LASIK surgery, as the surgery corrects refractive errors but does not prevent the development of eye health conditions.

Speak To A Blink Eyewear Eye Doctor About LASIK

If you’re ready to ditch the corrective lenses, the eye doctors at Blink Eyewear can help you move forward with LASIK eye surgery. After a preliminary eye exam to determine your eligibility, our eye doctors will discuss what LASIK surgery might look like for you. We are here to answer any of your questions both before and after your surgery and we will help you manage the entire process. With three convenient locations in Crowfoot in NW Calgary, West Springs in SW Calgary, and Creekside in NW Calgary, Blink Eyewear can offer you great optometry services throughout the city. To book an appointment with Blink Eyewear, call 1-403-516-2292 or fill out the online contact form.


Whether or not LASIK is right for you will depend on your eligibility and your personal views. To help you decide, here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Laser Eye Surgery.

Dry Eye Syndrome may disqualify you from qualifying for Lasik because you could be at an increased risk for poor healing. It is best to resolve your Dry Eye Syndrome before considering surgery. Our team can help you with a treatment plan for DES so you can move forward with laser surgery. Book an appointment with Blink Eyewear or call our office at 1-403-516-2292.  

In general, LASIK eye surgery is low risk but there is always some risk associated with any surgery. Risks immediately after laser eye surgery include dry eyes, glare, halos, or double vision. More permanent risks include undercorrection, overcorrection, astigmatism, corneal ectasia, flap problems, and vision loss or changes. Discuss the risks with your Calgary eye doctor to decide if laser eye surgery is right for you.

Outstanding vision care across Calgary

Outstanding vision care across Calgary

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Home to experienced optometrists and opticians, our stores also offer comprehensive eye exams to individuals of all ages, emergency eye care, and the treatment and management of eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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