Top 5 Glasses Trends For Spring 2021

It’s springtime- which means spring cleaning our homes, swapping out our drab winter coats and wardrobes for pastel blues, pistachio greens and dainty peach numbers. While you’re refreshing your look to add some colour back into your life, why not rejuvenate your style with some trendy eyewear? If you’re due for a new pair of prescription lenses, or just simply want to shake things up with some showstopping glasses frames read on to see the top 10 trends this spring.

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2021 Eyewear Trend Forecast

Eyeglasses. You might wear them every day. They are one of the biggest opportunities to express your personal style. Whether you dress eclectic, minimal or just plain functional, eyewear has come a long way so that people have options to look great, feel confident and most importantly, see clearly! Here are the top 5 new look eyewear trends for 2021.

Clear Glasses

Clear glasses have been a hot item for the past few seasons and increasingly growing in popularity- and for good reason! They go with everything so they are incredibly versatile and functional while giving off minimalist modern vibes. If you only want to invest in one pair to go with everything while looking fashionable, these glasses are it! Most optical stores carry a few clear options now, so visit your optometrist to get an eye exam to double-check that prescription and snap up your new frames. As a bonus, these frames tend to last longer for the clumsy glasses owner as their clear plastic frames can camouflage scratches or chips well so you will have a long-lasting pair of glasses!

Harry Potter Glasses

We know what you’re thinking- but hear us out. Round glasses are back in, albeit a slightly bigger version than the famous harry potter style of frames. Thin metal frames, especially vintage yellow gold or rose pink, are in right now. These are great because their thin frames are gentle on dainty features and create a softer style. These frames look best on oval, heart-shaped or square faces and can help to balance out proportions!

Tortoiseshell Glasses

Tortoiseshell anything is all over social media this spring. It is a perfect neutral that transitions gracefully into fall and winter and as well it brings out the ivory, golden, caramel, mocha and mahogany undertones in skin, eyes and hair. Whether you like to wear a lot of colours or you have a minimalist neutral palette, this is a great option because it will never compete or clash with your outfit. Tortoiseshell is like metal, and it makes the perfect accessory for any outfit. 

Amber Tinted Glass Lenses

This 70’s tribute is triple action; blue-light protection, dark circle camouflaging and an eclectic style statement. The orange undertones in blue-light-resistant coated lenses help to counteract dark circles while also deflecting harmful blue light from digital devices and screens. Blue light can actually impact your body’s natural clock, hormones, mood and more. Don’t worry, the coating isn’t all that much of a statement, as it is subtle but it’s an innovative way to incorporate vintage style with innovation.

Aviator Glasses

Whether your mind jumps to Top Gun or your grandpa, aviators are sure to be a statement piece. They’ve got the vintage wireframe element and are a great option if you are looking for something a little different. They tend to look amazing for our heart-shapes faced clients because of the way the glasses are wider at the brim and narrow at the base. 

Oversized Geometric Glasses

Think Big, Square, Octagon, and upside down trapezoids. This trend can be modified for a delicate look with dainty metal frames or you can go bold with thick frames and daring colours like mint green, or cerulean blue. This look goes great with fun, bold hair and makeup or a bare natural-faced look- that is to say, they can be an accessory or the entire focal point. Not for the faint of heart, this trend is bold and confident. 


Incorporating Trends While finding The Perfect Fit For Your Face Shape

Whether You’re due for a new prescription or you’ve been sporting the same style of glasses for a few years, keeping an eye on the eyeglasses trends is a great way to get some inspiration for a new look. It’s important to keep in mind that while a style might be trendy, it’s hard to know what will look good on your face. The beauty of going to an optometrist to buy glasses is that you can try on every style to see what works best for you. 

Affordable and Trendy Eyewear in Calgary

For the entire month of May 2021, take 30-70% off glasses frames. To find out more about our wide range of affordable, trendy, and designer eyeglasses, and to learn how our optometrists can help find the perfect pair that will suit your tastes, style, and face shape, contact us at our Crowfoot (403-547-5417), West Springs (403-242-0999) or Creekside (403-516-2292) branches.



Why buy eyeglasses from an optometrist rather than online?

Custom-Fit: not only can you try before you buy but your optometrist will order them in the correct size and proportions to fit your nose, face and ears properly so they look and feel great.

The Right Prescription: Even when buying from a reputable online retailer, mistakes happen and it may be subtle enough that you may not know you're wearing the wrong prescription unless it was checked by an optometrist. The wrong prescription can cause dizziness, headaches, eye strain and impair your vision causing safety concerns.

Can I buy glasses without prescription lenses?

Yes. You can certainly buy glasses for a cute accessory without lenses.

Are contact Lenses or glasses frames better?

Whether you prefer glasses or contact lenses depends on your lifestyle, personal style, and more. Contacts require solution, cases and have to be replaced more often but are great if you're often active or don't like the look of glasses. Book a contact lens fitting or an eye exam to see if you're a good candidate for contact lenses.


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