Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Regular checkups with your child’s eye doctor is a key way of identifying problems with your little one’s vision early on. Here are some warning signs of vision problems that parents should watch out for.

Clear vision and healthy eyes are extremely important for a child’s physical, social, and educational development. By having your child’s eyes regularly checked by your Calgary eye doctor, they will:

  • Perform better in their studies and other activities
  • Learn faster and more successfully
  • Feel more confident and thrive in social situations
  • Be free of headaches, eye strain and other discomfort associated with poor eyesight
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80% of a child’s learning is done visually. Reading, writing, blackboard work, and computers are all hard work if you cannot see clearly, which is why it is so important to visit your child’s eye doctor regularly to ensure they enjoy comfortable vision.

Friendly and Professional Children’s Eye Doctors in Calgary

At Blink Eyewear, we know just how important clear and comfortable vision is to your child’s development. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, from children’s eye exams to astigmatism treatment and contact lens fittings to ensure your little one’s eyes stay as healthy as possible.

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Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Comprehensive eye exams by your Calgary eye doctor are key to identify any problems with your little one’s vision. Any issues that are detected early have a better chance of being treated successfully. To help protect your child’s eye health, here are some warning signs of vision problems you should be aware of:

Babies (Up to 1 year of Age)

  • If your baby is older than one month but lights and mobiles don’t catch his/her attention, you should discuss this with your eye health professional.
  • If your child is older than 3 months, he/she should be able to follow an object, such as a toy, with their eyes, as it moves across their field of vision. If your infant is unable to make steady eye contact by this age or seems to find it difficult to see, you should let your eye doctor know.
  • After 4 months, any inward crossing or outward drifting that occurs with your child’s eyes is typically abnormal. If you do notice this, then book an eye exam immediately.
  • You should also take notice if your baby squints often, rubs his/her eyes when they’re not sleepy, or their eyes seem sensitive to light.
Pre-School Age: Why Regular Eye Exams Are So Important At This Age

It’s important to know that vision problems such as amblyopia (lazy eye) or astigmatism have no warning signs, and at this stage, your child may not know how to communicate any discomfort or vision problems. That’s why it’s so important at this age to have your child’s eyes checked by a professional.

During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor can assess your child’s vision and detect any signs or symptoms of possible eye diseases or issues. This is crucial because the earlier such problems are detected, the more likely they are to be treated.


What Can Parents Do To Ensure Optimal Eye Health?

As a parent, it’s important to always be very vigilant when it comes to your child’s vision. If your child’s learning is not keeping pace with other indicators of ability and intelligence, then it could be that they are suffering from poor eyesight.

Taking them to see the eye doctor for a thorough check-up is the most effective way of eliminating the possibility of a vision problem. No matter your child’s age, you should be on the lookout for:

  • White or grayish-white color in the pupil
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Pus or crust around either eye
  • Eye redness that doesn’t dissipate after a few days
  • Any eye pain, itchiness, or discomfort reported by your child
  • Shutting one eye when reading
  • Constantly losing concentration
  • Headaches
  • Avoidance of close work
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