What a Sight for Sore Eyes! 7 Exercises to Combat Digital Eye Strain

Since Covid, we are spending more time than ever on our screens. Meetings have all become virtual, we stare at our computers during the workday, our phones on our breaks, and our TVs in the evenings. What’s interesting is although our eyes are taking the toll of digital eye strain, a lot of us don’t even realize our eyes are sore and overworked. If you’ve been experiencing headaches, tired eyes, soreness, or dizziness these could all be signs of digital eye strain. Fortunately, this condition does not cause lasting damage and there are exercises and steps we can take to reduce the symptoms. Since most of us are working from home, don’t worry about looking silly while doing these exercises, just make sure to turn off your webcam so you don’t concern your coworkers.

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At Blink Eyewear, our team of highly experienced eye doctors can help assess the condition of your vision and eye health and advise on the right steps to take to reduce any digital eye strain you might be suffering from. Whether it’s opting for blue block lenses or making changes to your workstation, our Calgary optometrists can help you achieve and maintain optimal vision and eye health. 

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Your Eyes Work Hard For You- Say Thanks With These 7 Exercises

If you've noticed frequent headaches, blurry vision and sore eyes these are all symptoms of computer vision or digital eye strain. Aside from being uncomfortable, computer vision can make it hard to focus, be productive on the clock, and may even lead to typos or other clumsy preventable mistakes. At a time when screen use is at all an time high, login off just may not be an option. The second-best runner-up is to take frequent breaks and perform these eye exercises to give your eyes a good stretch and rest. Not only will your eyes be less sore, but you will feel more alert, better able to focus and be more productive. 

Just Say “Whatever." 

With your eyes that is. Take a few pointers from your former teenage years and--you guessed it-- roll your eyes.  As we tend to do with most things as we get older, take it slow. Explore the range of your outer left corner, up and around to the right corner and down to the bottom corners. You can start to feel it at the top of your eyes where all the tension and stress sit on top of your brows. This gives those optic muscles a nice stretch, sort of like standing after a long car ride in one sedentary position.

Tune out The World

Carrying on from the angsty teenager theme, cover your eyes with your hands and sit in the dark for about a minute. Doing this lets your eyes relax and recover from the bright blue lights of screens and gives them respite in the dark hollows in your palms. This is also a great time to meditate and quiet your mind for a few moments which will help you feel calmer, more relaxed and grounded. For an added twist, practice looking “into the distance” with your eyes closed in various directions. 

Feeling The Pressure 

Use your fingertips to gently but firmly press on the eyelids of your eyes. Not sure why this one works but it does, especially for those headaches that are leering seemingly “behind your eyes.”

Get Warmed Up

Get a packet of hand warmers, a warm compress, or even the palms of your hands and hold it on your eyelids to warm up and comfort your tired eyes.

Shift Your Perspective

Practice focusing on your finger by holding it out in front of you and changing the depth of field and focus by slowly moving it closer and farther away. This helps work those muscles that are responsible for focusing on things in the distance when you’ve been staring at the same depth on a screen all day. 

If Looks Could Kill

Practice shooting daggers with your eyes and vent all your frustration by “writing” it out with your eyes. Or, if that sounds too complicated, just draw a few figured eights on the wall in front of you with your eyes. If you’re feeling uncreative, stare at something in the distance and “follow” the grooves, paths, ups, downs and curves with your eyes. The point of this exercise is to focus on something far away to engage your eyes and to move in those directions that have been neglected all day. 

Blink it Off

When we stare at our digital devices we actually don’t blink enough! Reminding yourself to blink, or taking a break to slowly blink can help restore some of the lubrication your eyelids offer. If you have contacts, consider removing them in the evening and using eyedrops frequently to keep the surface of your eye refreshed. 



What are the symptoms of computer vision/ digital eyestrain?

Eyestrain can manifest in sore, dry, tired, itchy and even watery eyes. You might get frequent headaches, or find it hard to focus on the screen. Book an eye exam to rule out any underlying conditions. 

Does Screen Use Damage Your Eyes Permanently?

No. Although it can cause temporary eye strain, and the effects of blue light can cause other disruptive symptoms, screen use won't cause permanent damage to the anatomy, function, or structure of your eyes. 

How long does Eye strain last?

Eye strain tends to subside with rest, warm compresses and careful exercise. It may last for a few days. Significant or lasting eye pain is usually caused for concern or at least to get checked out to rule out any other causes. 


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