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Computer Vision Syndrome

This is a common syndrome that results from long periods of time spent in front of a computer screen. Computer vision syndrome is becoming a common complaint among patients since most of us are increasingly required to use computers for education and work.

According to studies conducted, around 50% to 90% of patients complaining about this syndrome have visual symptoms and even suffer from eye strain.

Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome

With careful attention given to your eyes and by checking how they react at your preferred computer distance, our optometrists will diagnose computer vision syndrome via an eye examination.

Some of the common symptoms of this syndrome include:

  • Eye strain
  • Pain in the shoulders and the neck
  • Blurry vision
  • Eyes that are dry
  • Headaches

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Causes Of Computer Vision Syndrome

The lighting inside the room, the angle at which you rest your head while working on the computer, the distance between you and the computer, your posture while seated and the glare that comes off the computer screen are just some of the factors that determine the levels of strain on your eyes and body.


Treatment Of Computer Vision Syndrome

With just some easy steps you could decrease or even eliminate the various problems that come with computer vision syndrome.

Some of these are:

  • During working on various tasks on the computer, people generally tend to blink less than normal. This would only reduce tear production, which in turn would dry up the cornea. Unfortunately, a dry cornea means inflammation of the eyes and even blurry vision. Therefore, it is good to blink as often as possible, in between work.
  • Visit our Calgary eye doctor if you think you are having issues with your vision. If necessary, get yourself a pair of glasses which you could use during working on your computer. This will distance your computer from you to the right extent.
  • Optimize your work area so that the least amount of pressure falls upon your eyes, back and neck.
  • Adjust the computer light so that it is comfortable enough for your eyes.
  • Make sure you take sufficient breaks – if you work for 20 minutes, take a break for 20 minutes as well.
  • Position your computer in such a way that the top of your computer is at your eye level. This way, your head is at a comfortable position that can do the least amount of damage to your body.


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Learn how to easily reduce or eliminate symptoms of computer vision syndrome such as dry eyes, tired eyes, eye strain, headaches, neck pain. Get in touch or give us a call at a location (West SpringsCreekside or Crowfoot) that's convenient for you.

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