Considering Transition Lenses? The Pros And Cons.

Considering Transition Lenses? The Pros And Cons.

Transition lenses are a type of photochromatic eyeglasses that remain clear indoors but that transition into sunglasses when exposed to UV rays. These lenses have been popular for several years now, and the technology used in them is now very advanced. Modern transition lenses quickly shift between tinted and clear and can be used in any frame you choose so you can protect your eyes while still looking great. Transition lenses can be used instead of sunglasses. If you’re interested in transition lenses and want to know if they are worth it, review some of the pros and cons of these lenses to see if they will improve your life.

Pros Of Transition Lenses

Always Have Your Sunglasses With You
You might remember to bring your sunglasses if it’s sunny when you leave the house, but if it’s overcast or if you’re rushing out the door, sunglasses are often forgotten. Since transition lenses are worn as regular glasses, they’ll always be on your face and therefore very difficult to forget. This also makes it a lot less likely that you’ll lose your eyeglasses than if you were to carry your regular eyeglasses or your prescription sunglasses with you at all times.

UV Protection
UV rays emitted from the sun are highly harmful. UV rays can cause both short-term and long-term damage to the eyes and the best way to protect against their harmful effects is to use UV-blocking sunglasses or prescription lenses with UV protection. To learn more about UV rays, read How Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes... Even In the Winter. All Transitions® brand transition lenses come with UV protection so you can protect your eyes at all times.

Cost Effective
Why pay for one pair of clear prescription lenses and one pair of prescription sunglasses when you can get both in one? Transition lenses let you reap the benefits of always wearing prescription lenses that adapt to the lighting conditions without the need to buy two sets of eyeglasses.

Learn more about the benefits of transition lenses by reading Vision Health Month: Improve Your Vision AND Protect Your Eyes With Transitions® Lenses.


Cons Of Transition Lenses

  • Transition Lenses Don't Work In Vehicles
    Because most car windshields come with UV protection and UV rays are what triggers transition lenses to darken, they won’t shift to sunglasses mode for driving. If you need a pair of sunglasses while driving but you don’t want a pair of prescription sunglasses, try a pair of wraparound or oversized sunglasses to put on top of your regular glasses. Just make sure whatever type you get doesn’t move around so it’s not a distraction.
  • Not Ideal For Outdoor Photos
    Because transition lenses get dark outside, that does mean you won’t be able to snap a candid photo and see your eyes. That being said, if you like how you look without eyeglasses, you could just take your transition lenses off for a moment while you get your photo taken. It might be a little more inconvenient if it is an extended outdoor photoshoot.
  • Slower Transition In Winter
    Cold weather can slow down the transition speed of the lenses when coming in and out of buildings. Despite this, transition lenses are still ideal to use in the winter as snow reflects a lot of irritating light and harmful UV rays. If you want a faster switch you can use regular eyeglasses indoors and prescription sunglasses outdoors, but many people don’t think about this in the winter. Even though the transition takes longer when it’s cold out, it is still relatively quick.


Transition Lenses In Calgary

If you’re ready to get a pair of transition lenses, Blink Eyewear can help. Our optometrists can create a prescription for your new transition lenses and our knowledgeable opticians can help you find a frame for your new lenses. With a variety of brands and collections, Blink Eyewear has a large collection of eyeglasses frames so you can find the eyeglasses that are perfect for you. The Blink Eyewear opticians will also discuss any additional coatings you may want on your transition lenses and will explain how to take care of your transition lenses. With three convenient locations in Crowfoot in NW Calgary, West Springs in SW Calgary, and Creekside in NW Calgary, Blink Eyewear can offer you great optometry services throughout the city. To book an appointment with Blink Eyewear, call 1-403-516-2292 or fill out the online contact form.


Transitions® brand transition lenses and Transitions® XTRActive are not polarized, although you can get them with an anti-glare coating to help make vision more comfortable.


Transitions® Lenses can be cared for very similarly to regular eyeglass lenses. It is important to take care of them regularly to maintain a quick transition to and from coloured to clear. Learn the specific steps of lens care by reading Transition Lenses And How To Take Care Of Them.

Blink Eyewear carries Transitions® GEN 8 (in all 7 colors), XTRActive and Sensity with Hoya (in grey, brown, and green), and Sensity DARK. Ask one of our trusted staff members to help you determine which Transitions® or Sensity lenses are right for you and your lifestyle.

Yes, transition lenses are compatible with several different coatings, including anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-fog. Speak with an optician to learn what other coatings are offered to suit your needs.

Yes, Transitions® lenses can be customized to your lens needs. They can be bifocals, trifocals, and progressives, and they can be made with shatter-resistant, standard, or high index materials. Transitions® lenses can have anti-reflective (AR) coatings, scratch-resistant coatings, and edge polish added, and the transition colour comes in both a grey and brown tone.

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