Protecting Your Eyes From The Desk Job

Protecting Your Eyes From The Desk Job

Are you considering switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses? Here’s why it’s important to visit our Calgary vision centre and how our opticians can help you find the best pair of lenses for your needs.

Do you spend most of your day working on a computer or mobile device? Whether you notice it or not, this can put a real strain on your eyes. Follow these simple tips to prevent any damage to your vision.

If you use a screen, whether it’s a computer, tablet, smartphone, or TV, for more than 3 hours a day, chances are that you’ve experienced the uncomfortable symptoms of digital eye strain, an increasingly common ocular condition.

Signs of digital eye strain include:

  • Dry and itchy eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Constant headaches
  • Difficulty refocusing


At our Crowfoot Vision Centre, We Ensure Your Vision Always Stays Clear

While for some people, these symptoms are only temporary, long-term eye strain can cause permanent damage to your vision. The eye doctors at our Crowfoot vision centre have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help protect your ocular health and always keep your vision clear and comfortable.

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5 Ways to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

At our Crowfoot vision centre, we understand that our patients live in a screen-centric world. We also know what damage this can do to your vision and ocular health. To help reduce your risk of computer vision syndrome and discomfort, here are 5 simple tips to follow:


1. Take Frequent Breaks

If you’re working at your screen all day, taking short and frequent breaks are key to protecting your eyes and keeping your vision clear. The ‘20-20-20 break’ rule is a great one to follow:

Take a break from your screen every 20 minutes, by looking at something 20ft away for a 20 second interval


2. Try Blue Light Lenses

The backlit displays on our computers, laptops, cellphones, and mobiles emit high amounts of very strong blue light waves. This can cause digital eye strain, fatigue, and sometimes even permanent damage to your vision.

To protect your eyes, talk to your optometrist about getting fitted for blue light filtering lenses. These lenses have a special coating that blocks the penetration of blue light from your devices, keeping your eyes protected. They are available in prescription and non-prescription glasses.


3. Reduce the Glare on Your Screen

One of the main causes of eye strain is glare, so you should try to minimize this as much as possible. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Use curtains or blinds to control the amount of light coming into the room
  • Replace your light bulbs with lower wattage bulbs
  • Use a dimmer to eliminate the glare coming from overhead lights

What if you can’t control your lighting? If you work in a public space or an office, you sometimes cannot control the amount of glare. In such a case, consider purchasing an anti-glare screen to put on your monitor, as this will help filter reflected light.


4. Remember to Blink More Frequently

Did you know that your blink rate decreases when you’re looking at a screen? So make a conscious effort to blink frequently when you’re at the computer, as this will prevent your eyes from drying out. This is especially important for contact lens wearers.

Talk to your optometrist about artificial tears: If you find that your eyes still feel dry after frequently blinking, talk to your eye doctor about purchasing artificial tears.


Working on a Computer Doesn’t Just Affect Your Eyes!

Working on your computer all day doesn’t only damage your vision, it can also negatively affect your health and the rest of your body, resulting in stiffness and pain. You can avoid this by moving regularly.

If you work on the computer regularly, follow these tips to ensure your well-being:

  • Every 10 minutes, take a short break by getting out of your chair and moving around.
  • Invest in a good and comfortable office chair.
  • Sit up straight and practice good posture.
  • Make sure your office situation is ergonomic.


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