Trends For Eyeglasses In 2023

Trends For Eyeglasses In 2023

Eyeglasses are important tools to help improve vision, but they are so much more than that. Eyeglasses are one of the few fashion items a person wears every day, making them an integral part of every outfit and a visual representation of your style and personality. As the new year starts, many of us are looking to see what the hot new eyeglasses trends are. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or you want to know what to expect when you go to order new eyeglasses, here is a look into the 2023 eyeglasses trends.

Eyeglasses Trends To Look Out For

Eco-Friendly Eyewear
As more people become aware of the environmental impacts of products used in daily life, there is an ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly products, and this includes eyeglasses. Although we might not think of eyeglasses as a source of pollution, most eyeglasses are made of plastic and they take resources and release emissions during fabrication, just like many products we use on a daily basis (including the clothes we wear). Wood eyeglass frames were introduced into the market a few years ago but are now rising in popularity, and advanced eyeglass frames that use eco-friendly materials and practices are increasingly sought after. New i-Green eyeglasses are leading the way in eco-friendly eyeglasses by offering stylish, customizable eyeglasses made with eco-conscious acetates manufactured from cotton.

Bold frames in fun, geometric shapes are all the rage in 2023. Funky shapes such as hexagonal or octagonal frames give wearers a chance to express themselves through their eyeglasses. This trend is advancing by incorporating these geometric shapes with styles like aviators to create a modern look with 60’s influence.

This style is a recurring favourite. The combination of brown and black in tortoiseshell eyeglasses offer a neutral look and colour while still giving the wearer an interesting pattern. If you are looking for a neutral accent that isn’t boring, try some tortoiseshell eyeglasses.

New Retro
Thrifting and upcycling is a hot trend for 2023. Taking pieces of clothing from previous decades and putting a modern twist on them as well as leaning into decade-based aesthetics is increasingly coming into the mainstream. And now there are lots of options to help your eyeglasses match your look. The tinted lenses of the 1970s are coming back with an emphasis on yellow and orange lenses paired with metallic frames. Big square eyeglasses are also making their way back into favour. Specifically, something bold and eye framing to tie together your outfits and give an added retro flare to everyday wear.

Cat Eye
Cat eye is back, but it’s not your grandma’s cat eye. The current trend still retains the iconic wing, but modern cat eye glasses have much larger frames and tend to be fairly square except for the pointed tops. The winged, asymmetrical corners add shape and expression to the frames and your face.

Find The Perfect Eyeglasses Frames At Blink Eyewear

If you’re ready to step into the new year with a hot new pair of eyeglasses, Blink eyewear has what you need. With a wide variety of brand names and a great selection of styles, Blink Eyewear can help you find, or custom order, new eyeglasses. Our opticians will help you determine what size, shape, and style of frames work best with your face and will help you find the perfect eyeglasses for you. To come try on frames in-store, visit one of our locations either at Crowfoot in NW Calgary, West Springs in SW Calgary, or Creekside in NW Calgary. To book an appointment with Blink Eyewear or to ask any questions, please call 1-403-516-2292 or fill out the online contact form.

Q: What factors should I consider when buying eyeglasses?
A: To find the perfect pair of eyeglasses, there are several factors you must consider including your face shape, eye/hair/skin colour, your current eye health and visual acuity, your lifestyle, and of course your personal style.

Q: I don’t actually need glasses but I love the look of them. Can I purchase just the frames?
A: Eyeglasses are a fashion statement and there’s no rule that says you can’t wear them just because you don’t need a prescription. If you want a pair of frames with non-prescription lenses, Blink Eyewear can accommodate that. We also recommend computer eyeglasses and blue light-blocking glasses for anyone who frequently uses screens, and you can get these eyeglasses with any frame you like. Learn more about blue light-blocking glasses by reading 4 Simple Tips to Prevent Digital Eye Strain.

Q: Why buy eyeglasses from an optometrist rather than online?
A: There are 2 main reasons to buy your eyeglasses in person from an optometrist clinic:

  1. Custom-Fit: Not only can you try before you buy but your optometrist will order them in the correct size and proportions to fit your nose, face, and ears properly so they look and feel great.
  2. The Right Prescription: Receiving an eye exam before you buy a new pair of eyeglasses assures that you get the right prescription. The wrong prescription can cause dizziness, headaches, eye strain, and impair your vision, causing safety concerns.

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