Protect Your Child’s Eyes by Avoiding These Toys


The holidays are a great time to spread joy, love and give gifts to the little ones in our life. What kid doesn’t love getting toys from their family members and loved ones?

A surprising number of toys and sporting items that look innocent enough can actually end up causing eye injuries that could result in permanent vision loss. A report from the US Consumer Safety Commission shows that about 250,000 children visit emergency rooms each year with an injury due to a toy. About half of those injuries are focused on the head and face with the majority being eye injuries.

Even with that many children admitted due to toy-related injuries and many popular toys that can pose serious risks of eye injuries, eye safety is very rarely on people’s minds when they are shopping for toys.

Some Toys to Avoid

  • Games with toy fishing poles – While fun, toy fishing poles are very dangerous. They are meant to be moved around, so the end of a toy fishing pole can cause a lot of damage.
  • Projectile shooting toys – The foam padded weapons look safe enough, but can often shoot projectiles at very high speeds. No matter how soft the foam is, this can pose a serious risk to eye safety.
  • Water balloon launchers and water guns – Water balloons are dangerous enough on their own, but when you add a launcher, their speed is highly dangerous. Water guns also shoot a very thin stream of water at a high speed. If that was to hit the eye, especially at close range, eye trauma could occur.
  • Aerosol string – A favorite for pranksters, silly string is essentially a bunch of chemicals stored in a can that you shoot at someone else. It can easily get in the eye, cause an infection and lead to serious eye problems.

It is important to focus on eye safety – Think when buying toys for children so we can avoid eye injuries caused by mishaps with toys.