The Importance of Wearing Sports Goggles


There was a time when athletes rarely wore protective eye wear for sports. Many kids and adult athletes saw it as unattractive. Sports-related eye injuries were commonplace. Today, sports goggles are seen on almost anyone who throws a ball or swings a bat, stick or a racquet. Eye protection can be regularly spotted on major league players and kids in little league.

Why is protective eyewear for sports important?

Luckily, it is now widely recognized and accepted that wearing protective eyewear offers several benefits. Parents, coaches, and players understand that sports goggles reduce the risk of damage to the eye, in turn, enhancing the player’s performance by improving vision. Many athletic associations and fitness clubs will not allow members to participate in sports without eye protection.

What is so appealing about modern sports goggles?

Much like bicycle helmets, sports goggles are just something you are supposed to wear. They have become an accepted part of an active life. In fact, kids and adults favor the image that wearing protective eyewear for sports provides, it means you are serious about your game. Custom and prescription sports goggles are available through your eye care professional.

Anyone who still believes it is acceptable not to wear eye protection should consider the following facts:

  • More than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries are reported to be treated in emergency rooms each year. Even seemingly safer activities like badminton can present the risk of injury to the eye.
  • Anytime a ball or another flying object is in your vicinity, potential damage to the eye is possible.
  • Racquet sports involve objects moving at a minimum of 60 miles per hour. A racquetball can travel from 60 to 200 mph in a typical game, in a confined space.
  • Eye injuries also result from pokes and jabs from fingers and elbows, usually in contact sports. Basketball and swimming have high rates of eye injury.

How do prescription sports goggles enhance performance?

These are all sufficient reasons to wear sports goggles. Better performance is another major aspect of eye protection. Years ago, people with mild or moderate eyeglasses prescriptions would play sports without wearing corrective lenses. It became very clear to coaches and players that clear vision is vital to sports performance. This is where a pair of prescription sports goggles are the solution, offering eye protection and sharper vision.