Tips for Your Upcoming Refractive Surgery


With vision troubles plaguing a huge chunk of the earth’s population, many turn to glasses and contact lenses to see every day. Day in and day out, these tools become an annoyance, costly, and maybe even ineffective. A procedure to consider, even life-changing if you will, is refractive surgery. Refractive surgery is implemented to correct eyesight by means of reshaping the cornea. If this is a procedure you would find essential for improving your eyesight, continue reading for how to prepare and what to expect with refractive surgery.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Before heading to the operation room, a pre-surgery appointment is needed to collect data about your eye and prepare you for what you are about to endure.

  • Removing or not wearing contact lenses – To accurately measure one’s cornea, it is essential that one does not wear their contacts the day of measuring or the day of surgery. It may even be necessary to wear glasses full-time a few weeks before surgery.
  • Avoid eye makeup – Prior to the procedure, do your best to avoid eye creams, makeups or perfumes completely.
  • Get picked up after the procedure – Post procedure, it is wise to arrange a ride from a family or friend as you will most likely be incapable of driving yourself home.

What to Expect

Going into this procedure and knowing what to expect can put even the most nervous patient at ease.

Your eye doctor will go over the benefits and drawbacks of this procedure. Although the procedure may be quick and generally safe, your doctor is obligated to also inform you of any risk that may lie ahead. This surgery should last no more than around 30 minutes while you lay completely reclined for the duration.

Schedule your refractive surgery today and start seeing better tomorrow!