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Rose Kombo

Dr. Rose Kombo

Dr. Rose Kombo completed her Bachelor of Science with a minor in Sociology at the University of Calgary. She then attended The New England College of Optometry in Boston where she interned at various health centres and hospitals.

In her final year of training, Dr. Kombo completed multiple honourable externships including a contact lens externship in Miami, an ocular disease externship at the University of Maryland and an externship at the East Boston Health Center. She also obtained valuable experience in an ocular disease externship at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Dr. Kombo is very excited to return to Calgary and join the Blink Eyewear team where she will use her knowledge and skills to provide exceptional eye care to all members of the community.

Dr. Kombo is a member of the Alberta Association of Optometrists, Canadian Association of Optometrists and Calgary Society of Optometry.

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